Solfeena Microcontinent

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Solfeena Microcontinent

A215 or Solfeena is a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 806-808/1029-1032, Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean. It is made of 6 sims, with a 7th in contact at a corner. Majority of sims share the common name Solfeena.

Altitude is very low, only a few centimeters above water level. The South part of the microcontinent looks like a large plain, with all land flat and a few interesting buildings. Central part is more interesting, since ground level is a lot below sea level. Everything is built on water surface, is nuch a way that in many places a traveler can see water. The North is made of multiple islands, usually with the from of a square.

There are many buildings, majority of them look like residential land. Still, Unused Land is frequent. The high number of water channels in North and of roads in South are Protected Land and they help to separate all parcels. With such a high number of roads and waterways, it is easy to travel from one place to another.

One of the most interesting structures is an alley made of crystal, translucide and shiny, illuminated and allowing visitors to see water below it.

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