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Second Life is a wonderful place to meet people, work together on projects, make friends, find partners, and so forth, but once in a while you do get someone who will just not leave you alone, no matter how much you try to tell them that their attentions are not welcome.

Making FULL Use of the Abuse Reporting (AR) System

In order for Linden Lab to make full use of any evidence or reports you send in, please make sure you include all the listed items below. Without this information they are unable to act on or report to authorities or even to ISP providers.

1. Chat log (be sure they are enabled) complete with date, time, and what region you were in at the time. File each incident as it happens and always include the name of the offender and mention that it is a continual event so that LL is aware that it is ongoing.

2. A list of all Avatars if any that you know of that the offender has used, or you suspect they are using. Be sure to include chat logs or times and places as proof. A he-said she-said will not do.

3. A list of other people who have reported the offender, and be sure to include the AR IDs for EACH report filed.

Once you have filed all the ARs MUTE the offender and all its alts that you are aware of and instruct your friends to do the same. Very important: If you do not you will only be adding to the problem. Stalkers can only be fueled by what is given to them so don't give them anything to use.

Be sure to ban the offender from all land you own. If the offender follows you around in places you have no control over -- AR and teleport away. Do not attempt to say anything or acknowledge a stalker -- that only fuels them. They are opportunists so don't give them an opportunity. Just AR and leave.

International Legal Advice on Internet Stalking

to be edited - please only people with an actual legal professional background make new pages here detailing the laws regarding Internet Stalking in your country...

  • ( A general overview of what legal actions can be taken against Cyberstalkers within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GB or UK). Again, in such cases professional legal advice is necessary, either through a solicitor or through your local Law Enforcement Agency (AKA the police).

General Tips for Online Safety

  • Don't post private information publicly. Don't give email addresss, phone numbers, and real life adresses to people unless you know them. Be careful, too, of exposing details about your life unintentionally by talking about your family, job or neighborhood.
  • Don't give your credit card number to anyone. Remember the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If you get threatening message, especially more than once from the same person or someone you think is the same, file an abuse report in-world, or fill out a support ticket on the site. You can also authorize them to turn it over to the law enforcement authorities or even to monitor your communication. However, if you authorize them to read your chat, it is advisable that you stipulate exactly what rights you're giving them, how extensively and for how long.
  • Do not respond to disturbing communications, whether it's simply flaming or all the way to threatening. There's no fight if there's nobody to hit.
  • Always remember that you're in a public place. Be cautious of strangers you meet online. It's just like going to the newsstand, the library or the mall. You are going out in public. It's safer online, in that the contact is electronic, not physical. Online, you can turn off the machine. The person sitting at the computer is always in control unless they choose to make that otherwise.
  • Remember that your account password is not to be given out to anyone at all, not even to a Linden or one claiming to work for Linden Lab. Lindens will NEVER ask for such information in world or through email communication (they have all this on database anyhow). Abuse Report anyone who is phishing for such information from you under the Disclosure heading.