Stopwatch(float precision time)

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The described event does not exist. This article is a feature request.


Event: stopwatch( float milli_seconds ){ ; }

stopwatch(float precision_time) Should work like timer() and react to llSetTimerEvent(float time), but with higer precision.

• float milli_seconds undefined


current timer event does not work on milliseconds base, this new event state would. In the current timer event there is no high speed precision possible.


This new event would probably have to be executed client-side to work. Please comment! Maybe necessary to also implement llSetStopwatch(float milli_seconds) to trigger this event, and llSetStopwatch(0) to stop the event.

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<lsl>float milliseconds; default {

   stopwatch(float precision_timer)
       for (milliseconds=0; milliseconds < 10; milliseconds += 0.001)
           llSay(0,"Time passed in milliseconds: " + (string)milliseconds));


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