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TCMalloc is potentially slated for a 1.44 release.

TCMalloc Beta Testing

We are in the process of testing the switchover from pthreads2 back to TCMalloc. TCMalloc thread caching memory allocator. More technical details are available here:

We are hoping for some performance enhancements, but mostly are interested in utilizing the inline performance monitoring tools. This will allow us to get better immediate stats on simulator performance.

If you are interested in helping testing our tcmalloc enabled regions please join the group "TC Malloc Testers" on AGNI.

TCMalloc Testing Guide

I have 4 enabled regions on ADITI. They are open to members of the group Second Life Beta. The regions are as follows:

TMallocTest1 : a full region on Class 5 hardware
TMallocTest2 : a full region on Class 5 hardware
TMallocTest3 : a full region on Class 7 hardware
TMallocTest4 : a full region on Class 7 hardware

Each are running the latest server codebase merged with the TCMalloc updates. I encourage you to head out there and mess around. You should be able to do all you need including editing the terrain.

As far as guidelines go I'd like to see you do your worst, however you define that. I'd also like you to poke areas you know have been prone to failure in the past. If you need ideas we have made a large number of test plans available here

TCMalloc should be a 100% transparent upgrade with no visible issues and it should all go super smooth and everyone will be happy… or so the developers would have me believe. :-) I hope they're right. I also hope you can help me prove them wrong.

When you find issues please use the 1.40.4 regions on ADITI to determine that the issues are unique to the TCMalloc enabled regions then file a JIRA. I have added "TCMalloc Beta" to the "Affects Version/s" field.

Contact me if you need something specific set up on ADITI or if you have any questions.