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Sfruttare le pagine in Italiano già esistenti

Vedo che è in corso la stesura delle prime pagine ufficiali in italiano...consiglio di riutilizzare e sfruttare quando possibile i contenuti già introdotti in Italiano in questo wiki. Ho raccolto finora una settantina di pagine qui: Category:Pagine_italiane_da_wikificare includendo le pagine in italiano già esistenti per le quali va fatta una o più delle seguenti azioni:

  • verificare sommariamente che il contenuto sia aggiornato e corretto
  • completare la categorizzazione
  • completare / conformare la localizzazione

in che altro modo posso contribuire? --oobscure 17:00, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Heyas :)
I'm going to talk a bit "out of the blue" here, so don't take it as official statements, but I don't think the existing articles will be adapted, as all of them might need major rework once Viewer 2 is shipped. According to the latest blog post on the topic, as well as stated elsewhere, Viewer 2 will have massive changes in the UI. I guess most already localized pages are something like "How can I open a box", "How can I join a group", etc. Handling these tasks will most likely look different in Viewer 2, than they look in 1.23. It might therefor be better to focus manpower on translating new Viewer 2 related help articles, than on rewriting already existing ones. There are also additional two reasons for that: First, Linden Lab aims to provide translated versions of the Knowledge Base. That means that even when the Italian articles are adapted now, they'll eventually need to be synced with their English counterpart to meet the initial goal. The second reason is, that Linden Lab has an Italian localization specialist (Novella), but Novella is not a documentation writer. It's therefore not within her area of expertise to validate the correctness of documentation. However, that would need to be validated in order to apply a KB Seal to an article.
From what I know so far, the roadmap looks as follows:
  • Merge/sort/simplify categories of the English KB
  • Use a template to apply the new categories to existing English KB articles
  • Localize categories as well as that template for all languages which are currently building up a localized KB (German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese)
  • Localize the Seal and LLO header for these languages (currently in progress)
  • Apply these new templates (with new categories) to the localized KB articles
At that point, all KBs should be synced as far as they are created. It will then need to be ensured, that they stay in sync (English KB articles are changing rapidly as Residents can edit them and as they're currently reworked anyway) and that new articles become translated. I think that this is the direction in which LL is moving right now.
I want to mention that it's not only the case for the translated articles, but also for the English ones. The Help Portal is shrinking as it's articles become merged or replaced by KB articles. It's kind of confusing to have a variety of articles on the same topic.
To the "How can I help?" question: I'm sure Novella would be grateful when you'd sign up for the Community Translation Project in order to support her there. I think they're currently exclusively translating strings for Viewer 2, but since that one should be shipped soon, I'm quite certain that focus will shift back to KB translation. And helping hands are both: much needed and much appreciated! :-)
Greetz, --Zai signature.png (talk|contribs) 08:19, 22 January 2010 (UTC)