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Classes offered By Mentors Discussion

A recent survey conducted by the Coaches role within the Mentors group indentified key areas which people would like lessons to be taken.

Here are the results of the question "Of the Classes listed, which WOULD you be interested in participating in?" (in order of popularity):

Advanced Building                   62.6% 139
Basic Scripting                     62.2% 138
Advanced Scripting                  53.2% 118
The Debug Menu                      52.7% 117
Textures                            35.6% 79
So now that I'm a mentor, what now? 35.6% 79
How to use the Pjira                31.5% 70
Terraforming land / subdividing and joining 30.2% 67
Basic Building                      26.1% 58
Mentor Chat Room                    25.2% 56
How to use the wiki                 24.3% 54
Land buying/selling and ownership   20.3% 45
How to use the knowledge base       16.7% 37
Tour the viewer                     14.0% 31
Notecard Exchange                   12.6% 28
Groups                              12.5% 27

Also at the bottom of the survey there was an area to suggest other classes. I've summarised the responses here and where possible provided links to wiki articles which may help (some of the responses connected well with the above classes):

General Mentoring

Technical Training

Mentor group activities

  • Making gestures for mentor use
  • How to stop spam in mentor group chat
  • Anti - griefer classes
  • Changes in mentor group explained
  • Places to see in Second Life


  • Special interests in SL (education' non-profits; disabilities)
  • Voice and how to bring people into it
  • The difference of PG and Mature in SL
  • API's, communication and external d-bases (advanced scripting)
  • Basic and advanced classes on sculpty design
  • Sim ownership
  • Cultural Classes held by natives of a particular country - to understand what may or may not be barriers in SL for them as newbies (outside of language)
  • Second Life and the Media
  • Decoding abbreviations
  • How to make gestures / animations
  • How to make clothes
  • Touring the OnRez viewer
  • Tour of the Orientation and Welcome areas.
  • TOS in SL


  • one person suggested a quarterly social event
  • a couple people mentioned trying to hold them across different time zones.