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Preferred form of tutorials. I suggest the format:- You Do:....................... You See................... This provides the student with an immediate check that they have carried out the step correctly, It also helps the tutorial writer to test it.

Example of simple Building tutorial based on Ivory Tower builing course:- Here I have converted the text to a format found useful in describing Computer Operation. The format describes each step in two parts. First ,what you have to do, and second what the response should be. This checks that each step has performed correctly so that mistakes can be noticed and corrected quickly and easily. I have omitted alternative ways of doing things to simplify the course so that the student makes quicker progress increasing their morale. The alternatives can still be taught at a later stage.

M1 S1 Prim Creation and Families

Create a Prim.

You Do: Right click on ground. >You See: A primitive pie chart will appear and a window in the top left handcorner. (If it doesn’t then you may be in an area that building is not permitted.) You Do: Left Click on ‘Create’. You See: A prim creation window in the top lh corner. The cursor has changed to a wand. You Do: Left Click on a primitive such as the cube, from those in the window. You See: The selected prim is highlighted in yellow. You do: Left Click on the ground where you want it to appear. You see: The prim appears. The contents of the prim creation menu in the top lh cnr change. You do: Close the prim creation window, You see: The prim creation window has gone.

Linking Prims

Continuing from above. You do: Create a second prim cube the same way you did the first. You see: Two prim cubes. You Do: Click on the dropdown TOOLS menu at the top of the window: You see: A dropped down list: You do: Click on LINK. You see: Onne prim is highlighted in blue. (The objects are now linked and if for intance you moved on then the other would move with it.

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I removed a bunch of dead links from this page and added one new one. I was not able to find any more than the one new tutorial. Toady Nakamura 15:25, 12 October 2011 (PDT)