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Interesting! There is another clue inside this Mole Bore device -- small, triangular items which appear to be pizza slices, and various beer bottles.

This does not track with the fact as we know them from Magellan's Crash in Columbia. That is the site of his ship's first crash on the Atoll or Moth Continent (yes, we know the Lindens have a name for it like "Hetero-etcera," but natives call it Atoll or Moth).

Magellan is surely known to have survived the crash back in 2005 because no bodies or bones were discovered at the site. We also have a fair number of sitings of him from that time. But at the crash site, there were never any beer bottles or pizza slices; nor at the Moth Temple in Iris, where he was also apparently constructing this hot-air balloon to travel in (but apparently, never left the site) there were also no such items.

And also on the beach where his camp site was discovered some weeks ago, nothing of this nature. I had heard that Magellan always used to live on hard tack and Yoo-hoo or Red Bull. Therefore I have serious doubts that the person manning the Mole Bore is really Magellan. He could well be a copy-botted alt. I await triangulation, however.

Also, studying the design of the green lanterns on site, they appear to be unrelated to the civilization that produced the dolphin mosaics, and may be a later interpolation, in fact brought by Magellan or his team on to the site.

P.S. Nothing happens when you push the big red button. At least, I don't *think* anything bad happens. At least...well...

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Prokofy Neva

For historical purposes we should put together an article on the Magellan's exploits. -- Strife (talk|contribs) 21:08, 20 October 2008 (PDT)