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review 1

my personal experience with this product is so so.

It works lovely. Better than the one i tried for the iphone. BUT, you cant stop it from running. You have to either a. constantly force close it. or b uninstall it to stop it from auto starting it self all the time.

over all this is a very good application for android users.

review by Damian Darkwyr

review 2 / Paid service

I would like to have read in the TPV that this is in fact a paid service. First two weeks are free, then a monthly subscription that "starts from" L$250 as the Android Market says. This app will keep your phone awake 24h/7 which will exhaust your battery quickly, especially on a HTC Wildfire.

review by RedMokum Bravin

review 3

Luckily I didn't experienced the issues mentioned above. The app stays in background when I exit, as many other Android applications do (by design), but it doesn't autostart when I boot the phone, it doesn't keep my phone awake, and it doesn't exhaust my battery. I have a Huawei IDEOS, running Froyo.

I'm quite happy with it but I didn't explore all the features yet (Inventory management, paying, etc.) so my review is still incomplete.

review by --oobscure 03:33, 20 February 2011 (PST)

Pay to play

As noted above, this is a viewer that requires an ongoing subscription fee to use. I don't mind a one time purchase (like the iPhone app) but paying by the month is a blocker for me. I'd rather go without until someone else (please, please?) develops an Android Second Life app that is either entirely free or has a one time cost.

Masha Eilde 13:39, 29 September 2011 (PDT)

Pay to PLay

May be is a nice product .... but i will never pay a fee at an application. If you pay a fee they have ALL your information. Think at it.....