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Mobile Grid Client Mobile Grid Client

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Support Email: office at mobilegridclient dot com
Second Life Contact: Kurz Socke

Platforms: Android Android


Mobile Grid Client is a Second Life messaging client for Android powered devices like the Motorola Droid, the Samsung Galaxy S (I9000), Galaxy Tab, the Google Nexus One and a lot of other devices (see:

  • Local chat and instant messages - converse with your friends, groups or someone else.
  • Teleport to other regions and nearby avatars.
  • Region map with accurate positions of other avatars.
  • Profiles - look at your own and others profiles.
  • Designed with usability in mind - simple and intuitive to use, tap chat and instant messages to get more information about the sender.
  • The unique always on feature - stay logged in while answering a phone call or carrying the phone in your pocket.
  • and much more...

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