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What is this article about?

This page is supposed to provide a manual for Linden Lab employees on how they can schedule their office hours, so they become included in the Office Hours articles as well as various webcal feeds and the Office Hour twitter.

On a sidenote: When you list your Office Hour in the Wiki, please keep the information up-to-date! It might become frustrating for Residents who'd took the time to attend to your office hour, just to see that it's not held anymore.


You must:

  1. create the template for your office hour
  2. publish each office hour

these steps are detailed in the following two subsections.

How to create an Office Hour

In order to add your office hours, you'll first need to log in the Wiki. Click this link and enter your Second Life first and last name, as well as your SL password. It is important to do this before proceeding with this manual, since some of the links presented here will only work properly when you're logged in.

Once you're logged in, you'll need to decide on which day(s) your office hour(s) should be. Depending on day and grid, open one of the following links in a new browser (tab).

Main Grid: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

The Wiki will show you a page that looks like this:

There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.

Click the edit this page link on that site and copy and paste the following content:

{{hCalendar event/Office Hours

You will now need to fill in your details after the equal (=) signs. It is important that you don't supply extra info to the weekday, start and end variables, since these are used to automatically generate the webcal feeds. Here is an example mockup, in case Magellan Linden would want to schedule an office hour:

{{hCalendar event/Office Hours
|Resident=Magellan Linden
|start=10:30am PST
|end=11:30am PST
|description=Storytelling. How I found Nautilus City and what I'm up to with this Mole Tank.
|location=[http://slurl.com/secondlife/Omidyar/128/128/10 Omidyar]

Please use this style to specify your office hours.

Remember that 12pm is noon, not 12am! So an office hour lasting one hour and starting at 11am would have start=11am and end=12pm.

If you'd like to always schedule your office hours in Second Life time (PST or PDT, depending on daylight savings time), use {{SLT}} to schedule it. Example:

|start=10:30am {{SLT}}
|end=11:30am {{SLT}}

This template (Template:SLT) will be adjusted manually to fit the current daylight savings time.

How to publish an Office Hour

Once you created the page with the method listed above, you will need to add it to the collection of office hours, so it becomes included in the related articles and feeds. To do so, browse to one of the following pages, depending on day and grid of your office hour.

Main Grid: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Teen Grid: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

You will now need to click the edit link on top of the page. You will discover that there is already code on that page and it might looks kinda ugly. Don't let that scare you away. All you will now need to do is copy and paste the following code to the end of the code which is already there. Don't create a linebreak. Just add it there after the latest entry and save your edit. The code looks like this:

{{Office Hours/include-by-day|YOUR NAME|WEEKDAY|mode={{{mode|h3}}}}}

with YOUR NAME beeing your username and WEEKDAY beeing the day of your office hour. For example, Magellan Linden would add his office hour with the following code:

{{Office Hours/include-by-day|Magellan Linden|Tuesday|mode={{{mode|h3}}}}}

When you saved it, you just successfully added your office hour :-)

Since the Wiki caches it's edits, it might be that your edit isn't immidiatly displayed on the Office Hours page. You can either wait some time for it to refresh it's cache, or you can force it to refresh by clicking this link. This will purge the cache and your office hour will be visible at the table.


You can give Residents the chance to subscribe to just your office hours via a webcal, instead of subscribing to the feed which involves all Lindens. All you need to do is, browse to Special:MyPage/Office Hours and add the following code:

{{Office Hours/Userpage‎}}

Save the page and you are done :-)
You can add additional information beneath, like links to chatlogs or to your userpage etc.

How to remove an Office Hour

In order to remove your office hour, you just need to browse to the subpage of your userpage again where you first listed your office hour and remove all content from there. Do not write something like "Canceled" or "Removed" or anything similar, but make sure to remove all content. It would break the style of the office hour page otherwise. Please do also not use your SysOp rights to delete the page, unless you also remove the reference to it. However, you can of course leave a note at Special:MyPage/Office Hours. But don't leave anything on the subpage of that. Here are the links again, in case you lost them:

Main Grid: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Teen Grid: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

You do not need to go to the ugly looking other page in order to remove it there as well. It won't harm there.

Notes for advanced editors