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This template was created to help standardize the layout/format of Upcoming Optional Classes session postings located on the Volunteer-sponsored_Classes page.


Minimum Requirements



if language is missing, English is assumed
if rsvp is missing, none is assumed
notes is optional
specify * for webcal if you'd like a calendar URL to be automatically created. However, you must make sure that date, sltime, and length are well formed.
All other fields required

If you wish no RSVP, please exclude the rsvp template parameter.

You can transform a class announcement to a class cancellation simply by ...

  • changing the template name to SLVEC_coaching_cancelled
  • adding a reason field
All other fields can stay in-place. This allows for a quick/simple reversal of cancellation should that be appropriate.


 |title=Mac Mentor Primer
 |coach=Nava Muni
 |sltime=10 AM
 |length=60 mins
 |rsvp=by [mailto:nava.muni@yahoo.com email]
 |description=Bringing light to the Mac platform

 |title=Learning while you sleep
 |coach=Nava Muni
 |sltime=1 AM
 |length=2 hrs
 |description=Do you think sleeping is for dreaming only?
 |notes=This is just a sample!
Title: Learning while you sleep
Hosted by: Nava Muni
Date: 13-Jul-2005 (Wednesday)
SL Time: 1 AM SLT
Length: 2 hrs
Location: Theaters
Language: (assumed English)
RSVP: (none required)
Description: Do you think sleeping is for dreaming only?

Notes: This is just a sample!

Coaching Template Links

These templates can be used to schedule classes: