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I am a glove.
On my own, I am but a hollow shell of potential.
When donned, I become an embodiment of creation and imagination.
- Nava Muni
Nava Muni

Who I am

Hello! I'm Nava Muni. (A little Sanskrit there for those so inclined to investigate.)
This abstract shell is the creation of a baryonic entity living someplace within New York City.

I have a personal blog that you're all free to read and comment upon. However, bear in mind that this is a blog of my personal thoughts and musings - a place to share and sometimes to vent. You might not always like what you read, and I'm sure you'll quite often disagree with the things I have to say. I surely don't intend to offend anyone in what I post but if you feel displeasing with what you read, feel free to comment (on the blog) or ... simply "change the channel."  :)
The personal blog is undergoing major revisions ...

Noteworthy People

Wow! I started to compile a list of people and didn't realize that I knew so many quality residents!!

Shadow What can I say about The Shadow? She's a great one to talk to; I can unabashedly expose my full geekiness to her. Here's a gem to really appreciate.
Zai When I get going, I start to babble in techno. Zai doesn't miss a beat. That's rare and quite appreciated. ;P
Trinity Driven! Vital! Exuberant! Here's one cookie full of a lot of great ideas!
Yeti Bing A fantastic avatar designer! Every time I have a bit of spending money, you'll find me at her and Yoa's shop๐Ÿ–ˆ.
Lyn Here's a good, kind, and warm soul. And the best graphics artist/texture designer I've ever met in Second Life.
She does clothing, too. (Her studio๐Ÿ–ˆ.)
Keystoner March A good, friendly neighbor with a great school, the College of Scripting, Science, and Music in Horsa๐Ÿ–ˆ!
Darwin Recreant Smart, innovative, and quite skilled. One of Keystoner's cohorts at CoSMS.
Tek Bachman A courteous and friendly neighbor --- and a Mentor, too!
Tilla Kronos A RL faculty (SL) pioneer. I'm constantly inspired by her desire to 'push the limit.'
I find her perspective of virtual worlds in higher ed to be quite vitalizing.
Korinth Glitter A RL industry fellow. While I don't know her SL persona very well, in RL I find her skills and personality refreshing.
Intellagirl Tully I've had occasion to share quite a few RL moments with Intellagirl. She's quite an inspiriting personality!
Check out her web site. Also, Second Life Best Practices in Education.
George Linden Wow! He actually sat there and listened to me!

On a very personal level, there are some who fail all description:

Indigo Izumi; we mourn his passing.
JoshBear Sojourner

What I do

First and foremost, my SL life is 'defined' by being a scripter. In addition to scripting, I'm heavily involved in building, designing, planning, and logistics. I love to stay active!

I have over 27 years RL experience as a hardware and software designer and developer. I've worn the general's hat as well as picked up the shovel to dig in the trenches with everyone else. (Sometimes both at the same time!) My journey has given me many opportunities to work with people from a variety of backgrounds - each with his own set of skill and talents.
How do you manage this? You learn to bend. ;-]

So clearly (or not) I love teaching! Well ... to be more precise ... I love to help others learn. There are few things as satisfying as seeing the proverbial "light go on" as you guide someone through his trials.

In-world Specialties

Here are a few script-related areas in which I specialize ...

  • particles
  • geometry/trigonometry
  • (the dreaded) rotations
  • physics
  • IPCs
  • in-/out-world communications

I also find many opportunities to wear the hat of ...

  • coordinator
  • logistician
  • project manager

Out-world Specialties

Soft Things
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • bash
  • Forth and several forms of assembler (for my embedded projects)
Hard Things
  • hardware systems design
  • hardware system integration
  • circuit design
  • breaking things
  • fixing things

If you ever come twiddle some of my creations at home๐Ÿ–ˆ, you might end up talking to a little piece of off-world hardware I've built.

Why I'm here

I would have to say my reasons for being in Second Life are twofold ...

The first would be ... for fun! For me, "fun" is exploring my crazy ideas. "Fun" is also helping others' explore their crazy ideas! (Ok; sometimes not all the ideas are crazy.) But I could never say my goal with Second Life is to "make money." Not that you can't - and not that I haven't - but I came here to learn, discover, create, teach, and "expand myself.

The second would be to explore (and exploit!) the opportunities for education - both as a "student" and as an "instructor." I will never (and have never) considered Second Life to be "a game." I view it as a wonderfully rich and expressive 'place' in which to communicate and share. I love learning and I love teaching. If I can help make someone else's path a little smoother - well, then I'll be all the richer for that!

And that's why I became a Mentor and a Mentor Coach. ((How's that for a segue?!))

Class Resource Materials (Mentor Coaching et al.)

  • A Pragmatic Mac Primer for non-Mac Mentors
  • Lag Demystified (coming soon!)
  • Prims: Invisible, Transparent, and Phantom (coming soon!)
  • Second Life® Land Ownership - An Overview (coming soon!)
  • Second Life® Land Ownership - Land Management (coming soon!)
  • Copyright, "copyleft," Creative Commons, the GPL and BSD Licenses (coming soon!)


Places I recommend ...

On the Web ...

I think the sloog services are a fantastic resrouce! sloog is an SL bookmarking service that allows residents to "tag" favorite places and people. You can then search for them later. All this can be accomplished both in-world with a HUD device or via the Web.

If you're a RL educator, you mind find SaLamander (leveraging sloog) in conjunction with MERLOT to be helpful resources.

For volunteering, you have the unmatched SL Volunteer Portal and the indispensable VTeam blog!

You can't go wrong by learning how to navigate the JIRA (though I'm no fan of Atlassian).
For aggregated support issues, check out the wonderful efforts of Gigs Taggart at SLJiraStats.

If you're looking to buy things ...

  • Xstreet SL -- (formerly SLExchange; has some free stuff, too! - now a Linden Lab subsidiary)
  • OnRez -- (formerly SL Boutique now merged with XStreeSL and absorbed by Linden Lab)

JIRA Issues

What does JIRA mean?

My 'Favorite' SL Technical Issues

SVC-93 llSetPrimitiveParams PRIM_ROTATION and llSetRot incorrectly implemented for child prims
SVC-1577 llHTTPRequest returns 499 on some ip addresses (not all)
SVC-1649 llStopAnimation( "type" ) disables AGENT_TYPING bitfield returned by llGetAgentInfo()
SVC-1917 llHttpRequest returns status 499 on a working web site
SVC-2833 More than 25 groups!
SVC-2938 Server ... llGetNextEmail(string address, string subject) ... with a value in the SUBJECT field ... will fail ...
SVC-3202 drag/drop destination prim in linkset object varies based on type of asset
SVC-3338 script using llRemoveInventory() tries to delete items not in object's inventory and embeds "invisible" random script (oy!)
VWR-5895 llTargetOmega periodically stoppping rotation
VWR-6387 multi-prim attachments designed to move on command DO move but DO NOT show as moved when avatar's Z >= 420m
VWR-7137 Viewer Crashes on Quit - Macintosh
VWR-7779 Mac viewer suffers from cyclic pauses/freezes/fatal hangs
VWR-1298 Group Chat Delays
VWR-10490 viewer locks up after teleport while user interface is turned off
VWR-12014 Some Mac keyboard shortcuts are essentially wrong
WEB-814 cannot post event where land's landing point's Z is > 768

Features I'd Like

SVC-2089 some estate features for mainland and subdivision parcel owners
SVC-3947 Save Object Back to My Inventory
MISC-271 addition of ternary operator (will this be moot with 'LSL3' and Mono?)
MISC-760 Enhancements to notecard processing to facilitate use as a configuration tool
WEB-789 seach by lot size; widen display (Land Auction)

My SL Technical Issues