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I created this web service because I did not like relying on an external (non-Linden Lab) source for name-to-key translations. Unlike other services that use (semi-)automatic in-world data collection techniques, my service goes 'right to the source' and queries the Linden Lab data services. I've found that other external sources sometimes miss low-activity residents altogether. The chances of that happening with the Linden Lab data services is nil.

If you'd like to use this API, please contact Nava Muni for host information.

Ver 2.0



  • FIRST is the resident's first name; case-insensitive
  • LAST is the resident's last name; case-insensitive

You can specify any number of names; separate each by a comma.


Note: all returned data is text/plain

  • on valid data
    where S ∈ {0,1} such that
    0 indicates a resident who might no longer exist, and
    1 indicates a confirmed resident.
    FIRST and LAST are returned in the correct (that is, user-created) case.
  • if no data found
    00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 0 - -
  • will return one line per each avatar named in the query




74d815e8-183f-420b-8e44-ed4e288e2d3d 1 Nava Muni

Note the case of the resident's name in the query and in the result.

Ver 1.0


Note: this version differs from Ver 2 only in its URL format; the returned data is identical.