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This simple web service generates an ICS (iCal) file.

A bare call to the service ...


... will result in a web page being returned displaying the service's 'usage' information.

Generic and Simple ICS V2.0 File Generator.



?job=mk [&cal=...] &title=... &details=... [&location=...] [&host=...] [&url=...] &start=... {&end=...|&dur=...} [&tz=...]


http://HOST/gen-ics.php? ...
parameter value/example opt/req description
job mk req 'make' is the only action supported at this time
cal name opt name of the calendar
title title req title of event
details details req details of event
location location opt location of event
host host opt host or event facilitator
url url opt informational URL
start start-date/time req starting time and date in ISO 8601 format
end end-date/time 1-of ending time and date in ISO 8601 format
dur duration 1-of during of event in standard PHP4/5 date format.
tz timezone opt timezone in ISO 8601 format

Upon issuing a correctly-formatted URL, an ICS/iCal file will be returned.