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If you are in doubt as to how to use the skills template, ask a Wiki Scribe

Place an asterisk- *- next to a skill to indicate you have that skill.

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Category abbreviations

Here is a guide to the abbreviations used by the skills template

  • Architect - Residents able to create new (not just using others' work) architectural objects & features using the in-world building tools and external software
  • Builder - Residents skilled in general prim manipulation, more of a "Jack of all trades, master of none"
  • Machinima - Residents involved in the creation of Machinima
  • Roleplayer - Residents able to create original and unique stories cooperating with other residents
  • Scenographer - See the Wikipedia article on "Scenographer".
    • Combines Architect, Terraformer, Scripter and other skills to generate entirely original "builds", at anywhere from a single parcel to several regions in scale.
  • Scripter - Residents skilled with using LSL
  • SLogistician - Residents skilled in handling the logistics of Second Life e.g. managing large parcels, regions, several regions in an estate etc and maintaining the delivery of content to visitors to those locations (e.g. preventing disruption from griefers).
  • Terraformer - Residents skilled with drawing on several skills:
    • Manipulation of region heightmaps
    • Creation (not just using others' work) of flora, fauna and other natural features using in-world and external software.