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(optional) Name of the download. If omitted, "Snowglobe w.x.y" will be used instead (with x, y and z as given below).
release: Blue background, macsuffix is ignored.
release candidate: Yellow background, macsuffix is ignored.
test build: Yellow background.
snapshot: Red background, prevents generating a 'release notes' link.
Other values don't have any effect for now.
w, x, y, z
Components of the version number: Major, Minor, Sub-Minor and "build number" (for SG actually the SVN revision)
year, branch
correspond to the respective parts of the SVN URL
Other than 'year' above, this is the actual date of when the build was done
(optional) Part of the .dmg filename for trunk builds. Assumed empty when omitted. Ignored when type = release.


release causes blue background. macsuffix could be omitted without any effect, as it is ignored. name was omitted.

|type     = release
|w        = 2
|x        = 0
|y        = 2
|z        = 3576
|branch   = 2.0
|date     = July 29, 2010
|year     = 2010      
Crystal Clear app download manager.png
Snowglobe 2.0.2
(, July 29, 2010) (release notes)
Windows | Mac | Linux ]

Non-release type causes yellow background. macsuffix is needed here to get the correct URL for the MacOS download.

|name     = {{Snowglobe_2-installers-trunk/{{{1|en}}}}}
|type     = test build
|w        = 2
|x        = 1
|y        = 0
|z        = 3565
|branch   = trunk
|date     = July 27, 2010
|year     = 2010
Crystal Clear app download manager.png
Snowglobe 2.1.0 Test Build (trunk)
(, July 27, 2010) (release notes)
Windows | Mac | Linux ]