Tohl777 Microcontinent

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Tohl 777 is a Microcontinent with transitory name A186, Coordinates 1050-1054/1163-1166, Grid Sector J11, Little Northern Ocean.


It is made of 8 sims and has not a compact shape. All sims share a common name (Tohl777).


This is a tropical beach paradise, with more Water surface then dryland. Unlike other tropical islands, Tohl islands have replaced palm trees with other types of trees. In many places, between islands water is not deep, so you can travel from an island to the other one just by walking. Ground texture is sand for islands and coral for submerged land. Inside oceans, fish is abundent, including sharks and dolphins.

This is a good place for sailing, but beware of submerged mountains.

Land Status

Almost all water is Protected Land. Islands are Inhabited Land, with a few exceptions that are for sale or for rent. Except for a few ban lines, no access restrictions exist.

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