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Adicted Waco


  • Born: 1989 February 2nd
  • Name: Adi
  • Gender:She-male
  • Location: Buffalo NY, US / Ontario, CA
  • RL Job: Voluntary Slave Owned By Aprille Shepherd
  • SL Job: Toy Slave Escort At Toy Slaves Brothel

Completed Projects

  • Ad Board
    • 2 Config Methods
      • Menu Config
      • Card Config
    • 2 Pic Cycle Methods
      • Multiple Images
      • Profile Image With Updating
    • Auto-Name Display
    • Misc Info Display

Those I Idolize

  • Aprille Shepherd
    1. I Love Aprille Shepherd
    2. My Favorite SL Person
    3. I Am Who I Am In SL Now Because Of Aprille Shepherd
  • Tikki Tacks
    1. I Have Learned Quite A Bit From Her
    2. Shes One Of My Favorite SL People That I See Often


Feel free to leave me a note on my User Talk page.
Question2.JPG Adi 18:51, 14 December 2008 (UTC)