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I script, therefore I am

Alison Wheels

I build, I sell, I script, I play



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I've been a programmer / scripter / coder / hacker for longer than many people have been IRL let alone in SL! I'm looking to grok what there is on offer at the moment and see what improvements / optimisations can be made ...

If you want the crib sheet on me then my First Life name is Alison Wheeler, I first got involved with Second Life after meeting Mitch Kapoor at a Wikipedia Board Meeting in Frankfurt in 2006, and have been here ever since. Having a range of computer kit means I can have SL running on something most of the time even when working on a different project. Online you'll also find a resumé and other personal sites, and someone wrote a Wikipedia article about me which is brief, leaves a lot out, but is mostly accurate in what there is there!

February 07: I'm being pushed for time on a load of building in SL I've taken on so not checking here often at the moment - I will when I get some time though!

March 07: Back ;-P