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Myriad Lite Preview 5

The Myriad RPG System is a traditional pen-and-paper or tabletop role-playing game book. The Myriad RPG System is freely and openly licensed, and contains the fundamental rules and information needed for someone to create their own role-playing game rules system.

Myriad Lite implements part of the rules and information of the Myriad RPG System as a combat and role-playing HUD/meter for virtual worlds like SecondLife and OpenSimulator.

This item is boxed, with two notecards inside. Each notecard contains embedded scripts, notes, and textures which represent a point-in-time snapshot of the Myriad Lite software as it is under development.

The first notecard is the Players Guide with the scripts and instructions to make the core HUD with fist fighter, HUD Adventure Module, HUD Armor Module, wearable Armor, wearable Firearm with matching Bullet, wearable Holster/Sheath, a Melee weapon, hovertext Meter, and rezzable Practice Target dummy.

The second notecard is the Region Owners Guide with scripts and instructions to make Baroun's Adventure Module (BAM) adventure giver and goal objects, a BAM compatible Trap, Healing Heart for Combat regions, Narrator to describe locations in roleplay regions, and the massive Character Creator with its associated 3 region servers, configuration, CSV data tables, and Template files.

I make Myriad Lite scripts and files freely available to everyone to study, learn from, adapt, or contribute to.

These scripts have been thoroughly linted (bug checked) and lightly tested on SecondLife ( and OpenSim (on OSgrid

The Myriad Lite RPG System was designed, written, and produced by Allen Kerensky (SL Avatar Name) with additional contributions noted within.

Special thanks to Baroun Tardis for many hours of brainstorming and code contributions. Many thanks to Lani Global for her suggestions which got me started on solving OSgrid coding problems, and continued testing and bug-reporting help.

Myriad Lite is not a "ready to play" box of objects. This is a do-it-yourself set of scripts to drop into your objects to make them ready-to-play as a combat system.

This preview release includes the original RPG book itself in electronic text form, with a set of the scripts I am writing to implement this RPG in the virtual world. My hope is that others will be able to benefit from this and contribute to further development and implementation. This kit also provides a "model" for roleplay rules and "HUD/meter essentials" that can inspire or demonstrate how anyone could make their own roleplay game rules and scripts in the virtual world.

There are many ways to "cheat" or "game" this system as implemented. The Myriad Lite system is, first and foremost, an "on-your-honor" system, like every tabletop pen-and-paper RPG in history.

I am unleashing/releasing this free here, on SL Marketplace, to remove any economic incentive from someone who might otherwise be tempted to take these freely available notes and scripts distributed in SL or OSgrid and post them for sale here or elsewhere.

Let's develop a better combat and roleplay system for the virtual world. This is one suggestion for a start. I hope it helps.

Contact me in SL or OSgrid as Allen Kerensky if you would like to collaborate and develop this system further.

People who purchase this item will receive an invite from me to join the Myriad RPG group in SecondLife (and OSgrid on request) to become part of the community.

Contents: Two notecards with embedded:

  • Notecard texts of the original Myriad RPG System
  • Logo Image
  • HUD Script which is the core of the game system
  • Adventure Module for the HUD
  • Armor Module for the HUD
  • Sample Character Sheet Notecard
  • Armor Attachment Script
  • Bullet Script
  • Firearm Script for pistols and rifles
  • Healing Script for full or partial wound healing
  • Sculpty heart texture for healing objects
  • Holster script for draw, holster, and sheathe commands
  • Meter Script for hovertext health meters
  • Target Script for a practice dummy to test weapons against
  • Adventure Giver NPC script to start people on quests
  • 3 quest goal scripts - collision, location, and touch
  • Trap to make quests more dangerous
  • Narrator to describe roleplay areas in sim
  • 3 region servers and Myriad Data for the...
  • Character Creator
  • Instructions for each item above

You can get your copy of Myriad Lite Preview 5 from the SecondLife Marketplace

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