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Born in Second Life on 10/21/2005 with a Professional/Business Avatar (Dr Boyoma) and switched to this one some time ago instead of having multiple ones.

I work, play and reside in Europe, attempting to partake in the Bohemian lifestyle of the carefree. Passions include: Second Life, traveling/exploring cultures, writing on occasion, blogging as time allows, and frolicking within Virtual Universities.


Life is not a problem to be solved but a passion to be experienced!

Freedom is discovering you can walk away from the limits you set for yourself

You are born with three things: intelligence, endurance and the opportunity to build integrity. You decide how much intelligence and endurance you are going to use. You build integrity every single day with the choices you make

Please do not edit this page if you are not me. You may contact me for changes that need to be made on this page, or in general, via the SL Wiki email function here


My "Topics of Interests" with the Second Life Platform can be found on my User talk:Angelika Courtois Page

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