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Motto: Ask. Anything. Anytime. Any way.

SecondLife FAQ blog: The Second Herald

Congratulations and condolences to all the SL Mentors. The official Second Life Mentor program ended 2009 Dec 10, replaced by the beta-Resident Help Network.

SL Skills: Advanced Builder, Intermediate Scripter, Advanced Avatar, Beginning Textures, Intermediate Animator, Intermediate Group Management, Intermediate Sculptor, Intermediate Sim Management, Terrible Typoist

RL Skills: Intermediate Instructor, Advanced Musician, Advanced Manager, Advanced Counselor, Advanced Ethicist.

Strengths: Debugs, know-how and luck. Weakness: Stingy

SL Resume: Born: 2007.03.14. (No Payment Info On File); Mainlandfall: 2007.04.07; SL Mentor: 2007.05.15; Alternate Avatar: MentorArth Karas (retired)

Group Leaderships: Guardian Angels 2007.05.07; MY SL PRoject, (Gold Memeber) 2007-05-25: =Guardian Angels= 2007.06.22; Builders of Valimar 2007.08.20; Mercy Heavens 2007.09.10; Protectors of Valimar 2007.10.20

e-mail: <--- remove one @. Even Mentors avoid spam.

blog: The Second Herald SecondLife FAQ

Love, Arth Karas 2007-01-10

Peace! Shalom! Namaste! Pax! Sére! Aloha!

O {:-{D} <--- angelic self-portrait. Alt emoticons: Stern: 0 {>:-{[} Santa: o<{;-{D}