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Basic Info

An introductory discussion of HUDs can be found [here]. Or, start at this SecondLife™ Wiki's HUD article, and make a simple HUD as an exercise.


You could make a HUD to gather information about locations you visit.

Start by creating a practice HUD
1. rez and edit a small prim (cube)
2. make it small: 0.1 m x 0.1 x 0.1. 
3. name the obj PracticeHUD
4. Add a New Script in Contents tab 
    (just keep the default script, for now)
5. TAKE the obj into Inventory.
6. Right-click new obj in Inventory and select:
    Attach to HUD > Center

You should see your cube prim appear in center of viewer. Touch it to see the New Script in action. Right-click the HUD and select Edit. We can edit a HUD while we are wearing it. Cool, eh?

For designing your HUD, it helps to write out a step-by-step description of what the HUD will do when in use. Then, approach the scripting challenges one by one, to provide the interaction in each step of your description.

It is helpful to join a scripting group in SecondLife™; there, you can ask questions when you hit trouble with a script.

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ANQI - An open resource

Monash University Tea House (click to see full size)

The ANQI HUD was developed for the Jianghu Tea House in Monash University's [Chinese Island].
[ANQI Wiki]

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