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The SL client supports "Wikipedia logo"links of the format secondlife://Region/123/45/67/<region name>, which have traditionally specified a region name and x/y/z location. This means "run Second Life viewer and show Region on the world map".

The new "Wikipedia logo"URL scheme has 3 slashes[1], and allows direct control of the user interface and login. For example, secondlife:///app/login

Most secondlife:///app URLs only work from browser instances running inside Second Life because of a denial-of-service attack using secondlife:///app/teleport links to force repeated teleports. SLURLs that work with external browsers include:

  • secondlife://<region name>
  • secondlife:///app/login

In chat, dialogs and other user interface elements, these URLs will be highlighted as clickable links, often with custom formatting including icons. The full functionality is available in Viewer 2.0 and up. Clickable links without formatting were available only in older versions' chat and IM history.

These links also may be known as Viewer URL Namespace, SLAPP URLs or Application SLURL.



<region_name> log in to this region or, if logged in, show information and offer teleport
/<local_x> optional X position, defaults to 128
/<local_y> optional Y position, defaults to 128
/<local_z> optional Z position, defaults to 0
/about open agent's profile, with 2nd Life tab selected
/inspect display info dialog for agent (2.0)
/im start an IM session with the agent (2.0)
/offerteleport display teleport offer dialog (2.0)
/pay display pay resident dialog (2.0)
/requestfriend display friendship offer dialog (2.0)
/mute add to block list (2.0)
/unmute remove from block list (2.0)
/completename replace the URL with the avatar's display and user names,
e.g., "hmm secondlife:///app/agent/eea40b5a-553d-4a07-b1ca-9f6e2f867814/complete wow" in chat becomes "hmm Cerise (cerise.sorbet) wow" (2.4); see Avatar/Name for more details.
/displayname replace the URL with the avatar's display name (2.4)
/username replace the URL with the avatar's username e.g. "" (2.4)
/show display the sidebar appearance tab (2.0)
/request request a L$ balance update from the server (2.0)
/<channel> any channel number greater than 0[2] except DEBUG_CHANNEL.
/about open floater describing classified
/about open floater describing event
/profile open floater describing experience
/about open floater describing group
/inspect display info dialog for group (2.0)
/create open the create group dialog (1.20)
/show open the list of groups to which user belongs (1.20)
/<help_query> optional help topic (2.0)
/select inventory offer (2.0)
/show open the inventory sidebar tab (2.0)
Movement controls
/walk_to Walk to location mouse cursor points to
/teleport_to Teleport to location mouse cursor points to, but not all locations allow direct teleportation so you might be teleported closer to destination instead
/push_forward Move Forward
/push_backward Move Backward
/turn_left Left
/turn_right Right
/slide_left Strafe left
/slide_right Strafe right
/jump Jump/Up
/push_down Down
/run_forward Run Forward
/run_backward Run Backward
/run_left Run Left
/run_right Run Right
/toggle_run Toggle Run
/toggle_fly Fly/Stop flying
/toggle_sit Sit/Stand
/stop_moving Stop Moving
Camera controls
/look_up Look Up
/look_down Look Down
/move_forward Camera Forward
/move_backward Camera Backward
/move_forward_fast Camera Forward Fast
/move_backward_fast Camera Backward Fast
/spin_over Camera Spin Over
/spin_under Camera Spin Under
/pan_up Camera Pan Up
/pan_down Camera Pan Down
/pan_left Camera Pan Left
/pan_right Camera Pan Right
/pan_in Camera Pan In
/pan_out Camera Pan Out
/spin_around_ccw Camera spin around counterclockwise
/spin_around_cw Camera spin around clockwise
/move_forward_sitting Camera Forward Sitting
/move_backward_sitting Camera Backward Sitting
/spin_over_sitting Camera Spin Over Sitting
/spin_under_sitting Camera Spin Under Sitting
/spin_around_ccw_sitting Camera spin around counterclockwise sitting
/spin_around_cw_sitting Camera spin around clockwise sitting
Editing controls
/edit_avatar_spin_ccw Camera spin around avatar counterclockwise
/edit_avatar_spin_cw Camera spin around avatar clockwise
/edit_avatar_spin_over Camera spin over avatar
/edit_avatar_spin_under Camera spin under avatar
/edit_avatar_move_forward Camera Forward
/edit_avatar_move_backward Camera Backward
Sound and Media controls
/toggle_pause_media Play/Pause Media
/toggle_enable_media Play/Stop All Media
/voice_follow_key Voice
/toggle_voice Toggle Voice
/start_chat Start Chat
/start_gesture Start Gesture
/script_trigger_lbutton Interact (Script LMB)
Control modes
?mode= "first_person" or 0, "third_person" or 1, "edit_avatar" or 2, "sitting" or 3. e.g. secondlife:///app/keybinding/push_forward?mode=sitting
/login log in on launch. External and internal browsers.
see below for query parameters, of course, values are URL escaped
/<friend_id> find a friend on the world map, requires permission (2.4)
/<object_id> display an info dialog for the object sending this message (2.0)
&groupowned=true (add if the object is deeded to a group)
/<floater_name> e.g. "preferences", "people", "places", "picks", "destinations", "profile"
/about open floater describing place
/about information from database about that region? list of parcels? covenant?
/<category> "all", "people", "places", "events", "groups", "wiki", "destinations", "classifieds"
/<search_term> open a search floater with matching results (2.0)
/<agent_id> open an inventory share/IM window for agent (2.4)
/<region_name> teleport instantly to this region, no dialog
/<local_x> optional X position, defaults to 128
/<local_y> optional Y position, defaults to 128
/<local_z> optional Z position, defaults to 0
/<agent_id> start a private voice session (2.4)
/?folder_id=<inventory_folder_uuid> replace outfit with contents of specified folder (2.6)
/?folder_name=<library_folder_name> replace outfit with contents of named Library folder
/worldmap open the map with this destination selected (2.0)
/<local_x> optional X position, defaults to 128
/<local_y> optional Y position, defaults to 128
/<local_z> optional Z position, defaults to 0

This could be extended to things like:

/app/event/<event_id>/subscribe to register for notifications
/app/parcel/<parcel_id>/teleport to teleport to a specific location

Login Query Parameters

first the account first name
last the account last name
session the secure session id
location login location, format TBD, optional

Second Life Wiki formatting

When adding secondlife:// links using the above syntax to a Second Life Wiki page, you can enclose your links in squared brackets (thus turning them into a standard Wiki external link), which also gives you the chance of changing the displayed text. Example:

[secondlife:///app/objectim/190f571d-fdf1-8f6c-4e9d-973e9b5e0566?name=ObjectName&owner=c93c3129-2250-4c79-a5f7-8c755ca2707e&groupowned=true&slurl=Location/128/128/27 ObjectName]

will display as


In this case you will also need to ensure the object name has been escaped.

Sometimes, having the link clickable (which will attempt to launch the Second Life Viewer to open it), is not desirable. Instead, to display the "Wikipedia logo"URI itself without making it clickable, surround it with <nowiki>...</nowiki>. For example:


will display as




will display the whole link and make it clickable, e.g.:


LSL Examples

string Who(key id)
    return "secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string)id + "/inspect";
    touch_start(integer num)
        llSay(0, "Touched by " + Who(llDetectedKey(0)) + "." );
  1. Two slashes for the beginning of the authority section — for HTTP requests, this is the name of the server (optionally with the port) — here it's empty; followed by a third slash, terminating the authority section. See . Because Second Life is omitting the 'authority' part, that section is empty, thus the three slashes; note that Second Life is not the only example of an 'authorityless' communications protocol; there are plenty of other examples.
  2. The public (chat) channel, also written as PUBLIC_CHANNEL