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Wiki contribution index:
A lot of this is basically just rubbish. But it is a useful reference for various things, possibly not specifically the thing the script addresses, but often just secondary stuff.

Generally I put things here to refer people to when they ask (again).

Although a lot of it is here simply to reinforce in peoples minds that when I write something for them, and add an attribution license, that I expect them to comply with it, and that by making it public here it means that not only can others benefit, but that others know who actually wrote it, and often for whom, and why.

Sometimes its just here because i've seen something else inworld that was so bad i felt i needed to contribute something less insane.

But like almost everything i write; when i re-read it months later theres almost always some glaring oversight, or completely trash/facepalm/'ZOMG WTF was i thinking?' elements in it.