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Moderated in World Wind

The sailing community in Second Life do not use the world wind for sailing. The reasons are

  1. The wind is different in each position so that two sailors are guarantied to have different wind at any time
  2. Most of the time the wind is too light or too heavy for sailing

This moderated wind overcomes these objections
Firstly: Everybody read the wind in sim position <0,0,0>
Secondly: The wind speed is moderated to 5 times the cubic root of the obtained wind speed

vector windVector = llWind( -llGetPos()); // Wind velocity in region at <0,0,0>
float speed = 5.0*llPow( llVecMag( windVector), .333333); // moderated speed
windVector = speed*llVecNorm( windVector); // moderated wind velocity

With this moderated wind all sailors are guarantied the same unpredictable wind at any time
Statistics for the moderated wind:

measured: 33000 times (twelwe hours)
Wind Mean: 15 kts
Standard deviation: 3 kts
Max: 24 kts
Min: 3 kts


  1. very suitable for sailing
  2. may stay almost the same over one, two or more sims
  3. may change slowly over time or direction may jump
  4. wind direction may 'jump' but only when the wind speed is low (very natural)
  5. all sailors have identical wind conditions and racing on equal terms is possible