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I have been a premium since spring 2007.
Over the time I made quite a few scripts.
The scripts are the basis for my business.
Many are published in the SL forums and some are given away.
Here are some working scripts that highlights LSL functions and SL characteristics

Highlighted scripts

  1. Talking Die
  2. llAxes2Rot Right and Wrong
  3. Key framed Motion forward on a closed track
  4. Re-size or re-scale objects with a single small script
  5. Show Sun Direction and compare to Time of Day
  6. Universal hinged motion in 8 Key Frames
  7. Pendulum motion Simple Pendulum Motion in 24 Key Frames, a good swing motion
  8. Harmonic Oscillator motion Motion in 12 Key Frames
  9. Capture Camera View Using llSetLinkCamera()
  10. llRotBetween alternatives and considerations
  11. Fixed 3D Relation Position and Rotation computations
  12. JSON structured menu for all facial expressions
  13. Straight insertion Sort script
  14. Count occurencces in a list
  15. Bézier Toy
  16. Replacing llTargetOmega with a Key Framed Motion
  17. Moderated in-world wind
  18. Wind motor Core