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Welcome to the Apprentice Mentor group. You should know that after the Orientation Session, you must complete one hour of Buddy Shadowing with an Apprentice Buddy. I'm one of those Apprentice Buddies, and I will tell you quickly how are those Shadowings with me:

  • First, I only do Buddy Shadowing with Spanish-speaking Apprentices. If you don't understand Spanish, I advise you to look for an Apprentice Buddy who speaks your language.
  • My schedule is from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 pm SLT. On weekends I've more flexibility and fitness for other schedules.
  • To request one of these experiences or obtain more details, please contact me using IM, a notecard or the Buddy Center at SLVEC.
  • At the selected date and time, we will be in the main classroom of the SLVEC.
  • We'll visit some of the areas where later you'll work as Mentor: the Orientation Islands, Help Islands and Welcome Areas
  • During this tour, I'll comment you some of the problems or situations that often arise in such places as well various ways of action or advices.
  • If in any of these places we find a Resident who needed support, you will help him. Do not worry: I will be there to help you ;)
  • The tour will not take more than an hour, after which I'll send a voucher to VTeam, which after a time, no more a week, and if everything is OK, you'll be added to the official Second Life Mentor group.

You can find more information about the Buddy Shadowing in the following links:

I would remind you that I'm a Mentor Buddy also, so anytime you can ask me any questions or problems you have and we'll try to resolve it.