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I'm eva Nowicka from Spain. I speak Spanish and English.
I am dedicated to the Second Life Volunteer program.

My profile in other forums:
SL Forums
Aventura y Viajes
Spanish Orientation

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HelpKit of eva

HelpKit of eva is a set of notecards orientated to the user/resident of Spanish speech in Second Life, which can go as folder in the inventory. Also it can consult his content in a wiki, as well as detailed information about his evolution and in his different versions and applications.

You can get here a free dispenser.

Second Life Volunteer Program

I was promoted to Mentor in my first rezzday. Since then I've done different works within the Volunteer Program, targeted the new Residents in the Official Orientation, Help Islands and Welcome Areas/Infohubs, Mentors and other Residents in general, any Resident who has approached me with a question, mainly through Spanish SL forums, as I've been doing since the beginning of my Second Life. I was Mentor Greeter, Mentor Coach, Orientation Coach, Mentor Buddy and Apprentice Buddy before the elimination of these roles.

Along with Irene Muni, and other Residents, I've done some activities to facilitate the access of the Spanish-speaking Residents to the Volunteer Program within the roles created by the VTeam:

Helping Mentors

The Mentors also help other Mentors and there are specific roles for this. In my case are:

  • Mentor Scribe
    • Collaboration with Mentors and other Residents in the translation of pages from this site into Spanish.
    • Maintenance of wiki pages.
Collaboration and Team Work

More info about the Spanish speaking Mentors.


I love sailing in the seas of Second Life. My favorite place are the United Sailing Sims of Second Life, the best spot to sail in all SL. Now, I'm building my first sailboat. You can see his picts here.