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This page is for all Spanish speaking Mentors of Second Life. Please, if you are a Mentor which conduct this type of activities and want to share them with others, post them here.

Resources for Spanish speaking Volunteers

Other activities of the Spanish speaking Mentors. Collaboration and Teamwork

In the last months, there has been incorporating new Mentor-speaking Mentors, some have roles in that group now. Several of them have made some activities (sometimes along with other residents) aimed at improving Volunteering in Spanish and give a greater presence of Spanish in Second Life:

  • Hosting of Seminars about themes of the Volunteering in Spanish.
  • Installation of the Spanish-speaking Info Area, available to Mentors of other languages.
  • Translation of pages of Volunteer Portal and Second Life wiki.
  • Participation in various meetings or presentations aimed to Mentors.

These activities, open to any Mentor, can be developed voluntarily and individually, and of course, is not expected that a Mentor should done any of them, since they aren't directly related to helping the residents. However, we always get a better result if coordinated efforts and done a TEAMWORK.

If you're a Volunteer and want to cooperate in these activities, go to this Spanish Forum about SL Volunteers (unofficial) or the talk page of this article.

Other activities done were:

  • Incorporating Mentor Buddies and Mentor Coaches.
  • Hosting Orientation Sessions in Spanish for Apprentice Mentors.
  • Offering Buddy Shadowing in Spanish.
  • Participation in various meetings or presentations aimed to Mentor Buddies and Mentor Coaches.

Open activities

The following are some activities where you can participate directly. Please, if you are doing one of them, add yourself in this list. Thank you

Next classes, seminars, meetings

(Please, add yourself to this list if you'll offer any class, seminar or meeting in Spanish aimed to Mentors. Use this template)

Closed activities