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Linden's glossary for translators is missing a lot of terms, including the oh-so-important "primitive". So, the previous translator for Chinese decided to make their own terms up instead. Which weren't necessarily correct, adequate, or consistent. It didn't help that the glossary isn't exactly like that either.

With the newest 1.22 release, the terms are now more consistent, but remain unchanged otherwise. Because I just can't think up terms good enough to describe...

Additions are welcome; please leave your suggestions on the talk page.

Geneko Nemeth

Context English Standard Original My own Proposed
Object 物品/物体 东东 物体
Inventory 库存 库存 库存 物品栏
"Prims" Primitive (简单) 元件
Group 社团 社团
Teleport 即时移动 闪电传送 瞬间移动
Gesture 动作
OK 确定 好的
(Note: Win/Lin use 确定(affermative), Mac use 好(good))
Group Title 名称 头衔 头衔 称号
Group Proposal 提案
Group Deed 转让 转让
Land 土地/领地 土地 土地
Parcel 地块 土地 地块
Estate 地产 地产
Friends Friends 好友
Friends (hippos) - - (是河马)
Friends (nobody) (没有人)
Region 地区 地区
God - 神明 管理员?
In-world 游戏世界 世界
Mute 屏蔽 屏蔽
Voice Mute - 静音
Decline 谢绝 拒绝 谢绝
On objects, notecards, etc Permission 许可证 ??? 权利
Calling card 通话卡 通话卡/名片 名片
As in, objects/scripts giving the most load to simulators Top ... 首要...
Take L$, animate avatar, control input, etc Permission
Mouselook 鼠标视角 鼠标视角 第一人称视角
Notecard 注释卡 记事卡
"Flexiprim" Flexible 活动 活动
Prim Sculpted
Prim Glow
Windlight postproc Bloom 辉光
voice chat channel Spatial 空间
Attachment 附加/附件 装备
My own Avatar Agent (replace with "Avatar"/ "Resident")
Abuse Report 滥用报告 辱骂报告 不良行为报告
Linden Lab® (林登实验室™)?
Linden 林登 林登 林登
Second Life® Second Life 第二人生™ 第二人生 第二人生/Second Life
mark region as tutorial (admin) prelude 序章
avatar skin Bake 烘烤
terrain Bake 烘烤
bubble chat 聊天气泡
chat (20m) Say
chat (100m) Shout 大吼 喊叫
Tab 子桌面 标签页
Land Owner
Group Owner
Object Owner
Script chat Owner
Edit menu Preferences 参数设定 首选项?
Group Preferences
Group Charter 宪章
Land Covenant 契约合同
Group insignia
Group Role 规则 (confused with "rule") 角色 职位
Web Web
Chat Console 聊天控制台 聊天栏
Group Owner 主人 团长 (ハルヒ?)