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About Isandra Willunga

Main Reason to play SL

  • helping others
  • recreation
  • chat
  • building
  • scripting
  • design

Products and Projects

  • IDS-Tip Jar System - a multi purpose Tip Jar System with Server Backend
  • IDS-Room Rental System - a very versatile System to protect and rent any existing Rooms and Skyboxes
  • Club Equipment - Lights, DJ Turntables, Dance Pads with working optional AFK-Check and more
  • IDS-Stripper Pole - a multi purpose multi Animation Pole System with Server Backend
  • IDS-Prefabs - Low Prim Houses
  • IDS-Furniture - Low Prim Furniture using Sculpties and build in Animations
  • IDS-Vehicles - Various working Vehicles (Airplanes, Boats...)
  • IDS-Gothica - Various Gothic, Demon and Warrior Skins
  • The Gallery Of Modern Art
  • The Erotic Art Gallery
  • Various scripted shooting Games
  • Scripted RLV BDSM Games
  • Moving Range Weapon Targets
  • various other scripting projects

Ingame Locations

The IDS Erotic Art Gallery🖈

The Cage Paradise🖈