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Actively updating SciTE pages 8/07/09

Professional duty scripting workhorse. Script in multiple languages, compiles through Visual Studio C++ allowing you to use includes, define your own global variables, customise auto-indent, syntax check with lslint, customise wiki help, customise shortcuts, tabbed files, add bookmarks, opens files in LSLEditor for testing.

Many parts of this page will sound like an advertisement. SciTE is free, so no, I am not making any money off of this. It is just that SciTE has been sorely neglected for more then a year now. Ezhar Fairlight(Bless Him!!) brought us the original SciTE package for LSL, still functional but no longer maintained. Hopefully now others will start to play around with it.

You can get SciTE version 1.79 here. Once you have SciTE installed then you need to download and replace the following pages:

The rest of the functions that I have linked into my build are elsewhere. Strife was hosting those files and links but the stripper.exe and clipboard are no longer available there. I will update the links here for the published files and figure out a way to host his files with his permission if he is unable to. Until that time, I will make a zip file with the plugins and would be glad to email them to who needs them. updated 8/07/09

I have mine linked to LSLEditor. Download and extract to your root directory like so: C:\lsleditor NOTE: It will not work if you put it in a path with a space in the name like C:\Program Files\LSLEditor updated 8/07/09

Why go to all of this trouble?

(Especially when LSLEditor already does a fantastic job now??)

You can define custom actions. For instance, if I type "random" in a script and hit "ctrl B", SciTE inserts this:

integer rand_chan;
random() {
	 rand_chan = (integer) llFrand(-10000) - 10000000;

And that is just one of my small custom definitions ;)

You can also do includes which allows you to combine several common scripts.

The indent function is extremely powerful and you can custom define each and every setting to match the style you prefer.

So many more benefits that just bring it over the top. Among them is the ability to control all aspects of SciTE through outside scripts. There are a number of Lua scripts for SciTE. And the one I use (SciTE CVS) has Perl scripts included to clean up code.

You can not only script in most languages, but you can also setup the preferences for each language individually. When I am scripting in LSL, here are some of the choices I have: