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About: Jesse Barnett

Scripter. You can find me in Aditi or the scripting forum.

Rant about the forums

Still waiting for LL to update the forum software!

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Outside Editors

  • My SciTE page Professional duty scripting workhorse. Script in multiple languages, compiles through Visual Studio C++ allowing you to use includes, define your own global variables, customise auto-indent, syntax check with lslint, customise wiki help, customise shortcuts, tabbed files, add bookmarks, opens files in LSLEditor for testing. NOTE: Actively updating SciTE pages 8/07/09

For people just starting to script

Scripts & Snippets

I made em. You learn from em. Don't sell em!

  • 3D Radar :: Rezzes a ball for each avatar in range. Each ball tracks it's on AV and displays distance.

  • High Altitude Rezzer :: Create a vehicle that goes straight up to a set altitude and then rezzes a work platform, garden, private spot or whatever else you put in it's contents.

  • Multi Item Rezzer :: A rework of my old High Altitude Rezzer. Place the objects that you wish to choose from to be rezzed inside. Sit on the rezzer and pick the item and the height. It will go to target height and rez the object. Allows the owner to change the rez offset and has a scanner inside, if no one is around the rezzed object will derez and the rezzer will return to it's start position.

  • SandBox Blox :: Highly addictive and fun. Blocks you can stick together by touch. Good example to learn about one of the new Detected Touch functions and has some interesting math.

  • Sim Map Particle Projector :: Creates a floating map of the sim that the script is in. Demonstrates how to work with the map api.

  • Slurl TP HUD :: Check it out. I love my newest TP HUD. Has a couple of different tricks for the newer scripter to learn from.

  • Teleport HUD :: NOW IT WORKS TO 4096 METERS!! Very user friendly teleport HUD. Add destinations by touching "Add" & naming destination in chat. Automatically gets sim name and coordinates. Will only display the destinations in the sim you are currently in. Demonstrates more advanced list manipulation and stride functions.