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Please help me edit it into something that we can maybe use. --JetZep Zabelin 06:34, 12 March 2008 (PDT))

Assume good faith towards everyone. Even when faced with outright abuse.

Help the person by finding out what they are upset about. Often, their upset is based on Second Life difficulties and they may have had past bad experiences in seeking help. Help them find what they need.

Provide solutions. For example: if they'd like to use weapons, direct them to a weapons testing sandbox or combat area.

If abuse continues, tell them what you think they are doing that is against the community standards. Talk to them and give them time to come to an understanding even if in disagreement. They should reform somewhat at this point.

If they will not respond to communication and their abuse continues, file an AR and let the Lindens handle it. (If you're not at a Welcome Area or InfoHub, you may have to contact the sim owner(s)/officers as well.) Try to remain at the area and inform disturbed Residents how they're able to deal with this situation in an appropriate way (mute, hide particles, AR system...). Mute if you must. When abuse is beyond your tolerance level, you may wish to leave the area temporarily although it might be best to file an AR before you do leave.

There are things you can do to calm the environment, based on your skill and knowledge of SL. But never should you take any offensive measures on another avatar, doing so is a violation of the Tao.

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