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KBtip2.png Tip: Due to licensing disputes, we will not be updating the Second Life wiki anymore. You can find updated information related, but not limited to Second Life, on the Wizardry and Steamworks frequency modulation page. So long and thanks for all the fish!
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If you're here because we get more hits than the main page, savor the essence of Second Life embodied in primsects.

You can find out about us on our About page. Before you use any of information provided by the Wizardry and Steamworks group, it is necessary to read our general disclaimer. For Copyright and attribution of this work, including scripts and the provided documentation, please refer to our copyrights section.

The Incubator may be found at and is a source of un-baked and informal ideas that may later evolve into something else. It can be seen as an open-discussion section in GEP notation. Comments are most welcome on that page!

There are some resources which you can use, such as particle scripts, textures, sounds and animations and can be found on the Wizardry and Steamworks/Resources page.

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