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Current Work List

These are the work items we’re focusing on this month. Please use sldev and in-world meetings to communicate progress.

  • First item …

Past Work Lists

Workitems for Meeting 1

Temp section for editing purposes

What’s salvageable from the first workitems list?


  • DONE: Rob, Zero, Liana will get chat and irc logs posted to sldev; blog post; slides up on wiki... This will take a few days to complete

Add to Current Work List?

  • Mark: post list of messages in the wiki
  • come back in two weeks with everyone deciding what they can commit to

Add to Future Work List? (Item is in AWG scope)

  • list possible additional/replacement domains
  • we need to list a set of agent rights (e.g. being able to leave a region)
  • need to define avatar rights on privacy

Refocus or Deprecate?

  • PARTIAL: use case librarian (started: Use Cases)
  • PARTIAL: how to provide streaming input
  • PARTIAL: URL addressing requirements
  • identify functions by Linden Lab's use (at least), and cluster as stateful and stateless
  • list the requirements that the community needs of identity to have the policies it wants
  • PARTIAL: write the architectural design principles. (This was started here Architectural Principles.)
  • PARTIAL: what are the feature sets that regions may or may not implement (Region feature requirements)
  • PARTIAL: figure out vhosting possibilities for regions

Out of AWG Scope?

  • explore alternative models of decomposition
  • use cases which expose need for alternative decomposition
  • design for extension
  • design for Discovering Capabilities
  • a list of possible parameters to consider (e.g. region size: should they be something other than 256x256m)
  • if there are good use cases for topology changes to the architecture, capture
  • classify modes of content use (not exhaustive list of every possible use)
  • we need a clear definition of what parts of an object are included vs which parts are referential