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Lum's Newbie Helping Toolkit

Over the course of time, I've assembled a few things to give to newbies (at various stages in their need). I will list them here:

I've got a folder of 10 or 12 Landmarks (like The Free Dove, Sarah's Freebie Paradise, The Yard, etc.)
This works for both men and women because Six Kennedy has a Men's store across from the Girl's Megamall!
These are two folders full of dance animations, rave sticks, dance floors, etc.
Everyone's favorite topic
If they are French newbies, I give them a LM to French-speaking locales. I have them for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and German. Nothing helps a newbie faster than finding their own kind.

You may have your own list that you've developed, and that's perfectly fine. If you do not have one yet, IM me and I'll drop some off on you! (I'm working on creating a SL Mentor only vendor in my store to get all of my newbie kits)


Of couse, I just cannot give them a bunch of folders and stuff and expect them to know what to do with them. I must show them how to search their invnentory for the stuff they just received, and how to search their inventory at a later date. Then I show them how to activate/deactivate the dance animations. I tell them how to open a notecard and begin reading. I show them how to rez objects and unpack them -- all before sending them off to explore.

I'll have to put together a list of interesting LM's (possible derived from the one I received from SL Volunteer HI).

Lum Pfohl 18:05, 29 November 2007 (PST)

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