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About: Missy Restless

I am an SL resident, scripter, blogger, photographer, & publisher of THiNC photo books.

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Many of my photos can be viewed on my Flickr photo stream

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You can email me at missyrestless at gmail dot com

I am the curator of the Restless Studio art galleries

There are many ways to connect with me.

I'm in SL to have fun, meet people, create, and learn.

Skills & Services

Bots: I have created a line of Second Life bots. The Pandorabot queries Wikipedia, chats with artificial intelligence programmed via, greets new arrivals, delivers notecards and landmarks, sends email, checks spelling, and can be deployed as a 2D cutout, 3D sculpted prim, or fully animated 3D avatar. Pandorabot add-ons for the Sine Wave Actorbot and METAbolt bot are available.

Photography: I have an inworld photo studio with many custom backgrounds including real world photographs culled from Wikimedia Commons, fractals I have generated, and digitally retouched RL photos I have taken.

Tattoos: I create and sell fractal tattoos.

Publishing: I publish THiNC books of nude photography and provide custom THiNC book publishing services.

Scripting: I've created many scripted objects including a Reservation payment system, Wikipedia querying Pandorabots, Email2IM gadget, and Prim configuration kit.

Textures: I have packaged several collections of freely distributable textures from the Wikimedia Commons.

Playlists: I create, maintain, and distribute custom playlists for the NHC Media Center, Icarus V2000, and Damani MediaViewer.

Software: I use XaoS to generate fractals, mencoder to encode videos, the GIMP for digital photo editing and manipulation, and ImageMagick for a wide variety of batch command line image processing. I use Vim for text editing, Scribus for page layout, and Eclipse with the LSL Plus plugin for script editing. These are all Open Source software projects.

Articles created

Media playlists
Damani Icarus NHC
Cake Cake Cake
Evanescence Evanescence Evanescence
Favs 1 Favs 1 Favs 1
Favs 2 Favs 2 Favs 2
Favs 3 Favs 3 Favs 3
Favs 4 Favs 4 Favs 4
Favs 5 Favs 5 Favs 5
Favs 6 Favs 6 Favs 6
Fractals Fractals Fractals
Girls Girls Girls
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
Muse Muse Muse
Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Pink Floyd
Slow Dances Slow Dances Slow Dances
Machinima 1 Machinima 1 Machinima 1
Missy V1 Missy V1 Missy V1
Missy V2 Missy V2 Missy V2
U2 U2 U2
Vocal Trance Plus Vocal Trance Plus Vocal Trance Plus
Wowzer Wowzer Wowzer
Infected Mushroom Infected Mushroom Infected Mushroom
Guns N' Roses Guns N' Roses Guns N' Roses
Inner Spheres Inner Spheres Inner Spheres
SLHamlet Cull SLHamlet Cull SLHamlet Cull