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Quick and Dirty Introduction:

Hi, I'm Pol McLaglen, a Mentor with building skills and his own company called Pulsar Creations, which is shared with Sarah Reardon. My main abilities include sticking primes together and selling them ;-)

Useful Tips No One Else Shares

Recently I have discovered that you can TP a new avatar from one OI to another, so long as they are still on an OI.

This has just occurred where two people who knew each other in RL decided to join SL together and got bounced to different Orientation Islands.


Hit Ctrl Alt V to get limited moderator tools. Ask the for the name of the person that you want to drag over to your OI. Search their name, open their profile, hit the offer teleport button.

Because they have not yet left the Orientation Islands they can be teleported between them - useful to know should you have a similar situation in the future.


I am starting a page on how to deal with Stalkers on SL at the page linked here: Stalkers - it is a work in progress and I hope that those with knowledge of such things can help by adding useful information.

I also have a massive freebie zone at that I set up with a distinctly Hobo theme. When I next change it in about 3-4 months I might go cyber-techno. There you will find everything that a new resident could possibly ever need, and then some. I have made everything full perms that have come to me in that condition, and left the rest as open as they originally were.