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P.S. Later Groups: Cooperation française, DIDACTICA, Dobbs, Escapade!, LIfe 2.0, Linden Script Tutorial Group, Spanish SL - Mi Segunda Vida, Teachers Explore Cultures & Careers

Profile - Ppaatt Lynagh

On 2007-11-04 my Profile and Groups Activate did say ...

2nd Life

Born: 9/1/2007 [meaning 2007-09-01]
No Payment Info On File

Ppaatt-Lynagh-Profile-2nd-Photo.jpg Photo [of us both]

Active Title: Free Culture Fan
Groups: AppL$tore, Christian Artist, Free Culture, LSLogo, Open Source Scripters

2nd Life - About

Hola, salut, hello.

We have two avatars for three people. Two of us are partnered in real life and second life, the third person is our child.

INTP P P P and ISFJ J J J are us in Myers Briggs.



Build, Explore, Meet, Be Hired

Give us a fun scripting challenge, why not, we work for free.

Scripting since 2007-09-01

Español, Français, English


Amusement Park at Encogia: Ride the bumper cars with a friend. Learn to dive. Ride the carousel amd Ferris wheel and so on. Free of charge.

Child's Play at Gothinger Christian Fellowship: Play on a see saw, swings, and merry go round. Camp by a stream, see fireflies in the evening. Free of charge.

Horse Farm of Dee McLean: Ride a horse, buy a horse. Free of charge exactly once in your second life.

Newbie Welcome at Sirena Hair & Fashion: "Workspace Buster" - a free private sandbox sky platform - buy for L$0 on the South wall of "Sirena Hair & Fashion" at West Sunset 156, 18, 25. Free of charge.

Tutorial Exhibition of Linden Script Language (LSL): Walk by a wall of posters to learn the Linden Scripting Language (LSL). Free of charge.

Underwater Garden by Rose Karuna: A garden underwater, with a bench to sit on. The picture here shows the garden above water -- the Teleport button shows you the garden below water. Free of charge.

Zoo & Games: Zoo animals, parrots, giraffes, no fences, no cages -- also a topiary garden of backgammon, chess, and parcheesi games to play with friends. Free of charge.

1st Life

Ppaatt-Lynagh-Profile-1st-Photo.jpg Photo [as if of us both - Renoir, Dance in the City, 1883]

1st Life - Info
was our first vision of the second life, i.e., the novella "Wikipedia logo"True_Names