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  • Born: 1953
  • Location: Missouri, US. For now.
  • History: Began career in 1978 designing analog ICs for oscilloscopes, but had a startup opportunity in early 80's that converted me to a software engineer. Early in career wrote C and Pascal, C++ since 1986 (no, that's not a typo, ours was one of the first commercial programs written in C++.) Now splitting RL time approximately equally between C++ and more modern languages, particularly Java. Dislike LSL a little as a language and intensely as a runtime - it requires a ridiculous amount of programming time to work around it's limitations and the (understandable) lack of any decent debugging compounds the problem.
  • Personal facts:
    • Like Void describes himself, I know a little about alot, and alot about very little.
    • Mac user since 1984, only use PC when I have too - e.g. when my choice of employer forces it.
      • i.e. most of the time I'm working.
    • Why SL?: Got involved with an artist/designer and formed what became a lucrative business that sells avatar attachments, largely genitalia... SL is mostly work and no play for me nowadays.
    • Pretty tolerant guy, except for:
      • Smoking in public places
      • Much of the Microsoft glop and FUD foisted on our profession.

Jira Articles Being Tracked By Me

  • SVC-93 - llSetPrimitiveParams PRIM_ROTATION and llSetRot incorrectly implemented for child prims


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