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The shadwoing experience is the second part of the two step process prior to entering the official Second Life Mentors group. If you wish to inform yourself about the official shadowing information released by VTeam please open this wiki page:

Shadowing Experience with Tom32 Anatine (that's me) as your Apprentice Buddy

The most important you should know about Shadowing in general is, that the Shadowing Experience itself may vary on the Apprentice Buddy you choose. We all can create our own way to do the Shadowing, but still we have to abide to the rules laid out for the Shadowing (you can find those at the link that I provided before).

Additionally to a notecard that you would receive in-world before you start the shadowing with me, I would like to inform you about how my shadowing looks like and what I expect from you.

General Information

As all Volunteering should have a certain fun component, this applies to the shadowing experience as well. Please do not be afraid that it will be straight learning, I will try to give in as much fun as possible, but still we have to realize that this is an official step, so we should be taking it serious at the same time. Most important for me is that you show interest in waht we are doing, questions are always welcome, but I would not like it to get interrupted when I explain you something and in the end I would have to correct your ideas. Just listen me and afterwards we can have a look at your idea and maybe you have better ideas than I do. During the shadowing the TAO of Volunteers as well as the Terms of Service (and Community Standards) have to be abidden by both - the Apprentice Buddy and the Apprentice Mentor. Severe violations of those will result in a direct termination of the shadowing experience as well as a refusal of issueing the voucher, further action could be taken.

What will we be doing

  • The Beginning: Yay, I am all new! (Volunteers OI)
  • First Station: Ooops, how did I fly again? (Orientation Island Public)
  • Second Station: Erm sorry dear mentor, maybe you can help me? (Help Island Public or Help Island Public2)
  • Third Station: I'm a big big... in a big world... (a Welcome Area)
  • Fourth Station: A little tour (SLVEC)

The Beginning: Yay, I am all new! (Volunteers OI)

The shadowing experience will begin on the Volunteers OI, an exact copy of the current orientation islands. Here we will be having a look at the questions that can occur by new residents and take a little walk to get yourself used to the Orientation Islands and the parts of it where problems use to occur. To make this a bit easier, I will be taking the role of a newborn resident, and you will have to help me the best you can, eventually provide helpful notecards that you have collected already, or just give me a warm welcome. Of course, if there are any questions occuring, do not hesitate to ask... I might look newborn but I am still your Apprentice Buddy!

First Station: Ooops, how did I fly again? (Orientation Island Public)

After this rather "private" part of the shadowing experience, I will start to take you on a trip to the several help locations in second life, please be reminded that you can volunteer EVERYWHERE, so there are no specific places that are just used to help and you may not help anywhere else... The first station on our trip will be Orientation Island Public, as you know this is a place that residents can visit when they have missed something on the Orientation Island when joining Second Life, or they just want to refresh their knowledge.

Second Station: Erm sorry dear mentor, maybe you can help me? (Help Island Public or Help Island Public2)

Okay, here we go, new place new fun... the public Help Islands mainly are the places that residents go to in order to receive help, sometimes they use this place to party, and in other cases to let their steam go off, so be prepared! This will be a great place to show me how cool headed you can provide help in stressful situations!

Third Station: I'm a big big... in a big world... (a Welcome Area)

The welcome areas are the places that new residents arrive at once that they leave the Help Island after having been on the Orientation Island before that. They take their first steps in the big world of the maingrid, and often they feel a bit lost, so we are there for them!

Fourth Station: A little tour (SLVEC)

We are almost done now! SLVEC is one of our nice places that are exclusively open for volunteers, here you will find alot of helpful tools and information and you can use this place to socialize with other mentors or attend classes. I will show you around a bit and if we have some time left I might show you another location...

After all this

If everything went fine, I will be proud to issue your voucher. From there it will take up to one week until you are transfered into the main group. Do not leave the apprentice group before you were moved into the main group and make sure you have an open group slot