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SL Voice fix for those using Windows OS

How to get SL Voice working when you have no voice dot, and relogging doesn't help.

1. Go to a low lag sim - for example, Welsh at this LM:

2. EITHER (a) fly up really high, to above 250 m if you can, OR (b) alternatively, you can try focusing your camera deep into the ground where there is nothing on your screen but blurry floor. This will help with getting Voice going again.

3. Set graphics to low and draw distance as low as it will go.

4. (Skip this step if focusing on the floor.) Go into Edit Appearance or Outfit, zoom in on your avatar and sit there.

5. Next, go to Windows Task manager and End the SL Voice.exe program on the processes tab.

6. Come back inworld and disable Voice in preferences, then re-enable it.

7. Cross fingers and wait! It helps to bring up the Statistics bar to wait for fps and ping sim to settle down.

If you are patient, Voice should come back at this point. If not, try this wiki link procedure: