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Yab Acronym
Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my Wiki page.

Who am I?

My name is Yab Acronym and in real life I come from England. I have been a resident of Second Life since January 2007 and am a Second Life Mentor and SL Mentor Greeter. I can most often be found helping out on Help Islands or Infohubs, though I do visit Orientation Islands occasionally.

I only speak English, am not especially skilled as a builder or scripter but am willing to help anybody who is having a problem if I am able to. If I don't know the answer to your problem I will certainly try to find it, and in helping you I will learn something myself. I am however a very experienced shopper (especially for shoes) as my inventory will testify!

In real life I am a qualified IT trainer teaching to adult learners at many different levels. And yes Yab is an Acronym!

Why did I become a Mentor?

Well, I have always been happy to help people if they are having problems and becoming a Mentor made it official. I also remember when I first started in Second Life and how confusing it was to begin with. I want to help new residents so that they don’t get frustrated and leave before discovering how wonderful Second Life is.

I also remember the first person in Second Life who really helped me. They weren’t a Mentor, but just spent some time with me and helped with my appearance. They actually gave me some $L to spend on clothes, up to then I had only used freebies.

My aim is to make new residents first experience of Second Life as enjoyable as possible.

Useful Links

These are some web pages that I have found useful in my Second Life, hope that they are useful to you too:

Natalia Zelmanov has a really useful weblog that has some incredibly useful information. You will find tutorials and guides on all sorts of subjects. She also makes wonderful hair & fashion items

New Citizens Incorporated has some really useful classes in world. They also have some great areas in world that have some great items available

There are some great video tutorialsavailable on all sorts of subjects created by the wonderful Torley Linden