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Here is some work in and with ACUG (Adult Content User Group), in resulting of the Life and work on Zindra, SL's adult-rated mainland. Details about, you can find here: (ACUG on the SL-Wiki) .

A Part of the Zindra-related 'Issues' is an event-Island for expositions and other kind of (user-created and runned) events.

The event-island-Sims are here: (Distrel, left top) (Tramboyn, left bottom) (Girenzi, right top) (Jaraded, left top)

Update about the Zindra Alliance-Meeting at 26. June 2011

Point 1: Keeping the Sims ... 1x Zindra-Sim, 4x aka ZExpo-Island-Sims

In the meeting was 15 people ... of 260 people from the "Zindra Alliance". 8 from these vote against to keep the 4 ZExpo-Sims (and want keep ONLY the Zindra-Sim), 7 want to keep all 5 Sims.

I complete not agree with this "decision", what some call "democratic" ... and I'm not alone, as the group-notices in the night have shown, too. If some want like to disturb and destroy ... their problem, but me as PART of a community will not accept it and it seems ... even in that meeting nearly the half was have the same meaning.

Point 2: Nominates for the Landmanagement of the Sim/s
6 people was raise up:

  • Urci (urcilnia.pyrithea)
  • Zada Bury
  • Evelynn Kidd
  • Hypatia Meili
  • Adorabella Felisimo
  • Janicka Engineer

These are nominates from the "Zindra Alliance" (ZA). I am also in this group, same as in the "Zindra Expo" (ZE). The ZA is maybe the largest visible group (260 members), the ZE have around 200 members (a lot are surely in both group).
It would be fair to listen maybe on other groups nominates or independed ones.
The list show some known and calmed people. We have to ask us, if we standing behind and with the project(s) on Zindra.
I hope, in the most eyes, I look as fair to all.

Point 3a: Landmanagement
The Landmanagement of the Sim/s will be done with a separated group (my suggestion "Zindra Community Landmgmt./Landmanagement").
This group can be used as event group.

Point 3b: "Zindra Expo"-group
The ownership for this (in the past created as Event-group) group goes to Ginette.

Suggestions and Changes about the ACUG and the Community-managed Sims, 26. June 2011

The requests from LL changes a bit the plans and suggestions.

Sadly some people love to keep point on useless wishes and are not able to start think in an other direction. But for that we are "a community", so "some" can make suggestions and help others to think.

First: Let us be clear about the further community-work, special "the 5 Sims" (1x Zindra-Sim, 4x ZExpo-Islsand Sims).

LL want, we become responsible for the Sim-management.

  • It saves work on their side.
  • It makes some things more easy for us ("building on, building off", "please return stuff", …).

We can win from that …
… but we have to make clear "We manage, but we not pay tier".
We do there something for SL, something for (adult) mainland, something what brings there Life in, something what makes SL stronger.

I think we all want and agree with the future existence of these community-projects, but let me show other options:


This marketing-disaster in the middle of Zindra (continent) - what a Sim-Name. No, there will not come up the discussion again to "make it mature-rated and make to an Verification-Hub"!

But: Do we want the Sim, do we need the Sim, can we do it?

Option 1:

  • We tell LL, the should renamed it. (Example "Zindra Mall")
  • LL can take it back …
  • … and use, like their original plan was (Mall like the Mosh-Building or what else).

==> We would loose the Sim … but we would have nothing to do with. It safes us work.

Option 2:

  • We let rename the Sim, to avoid the marketing-problems. (Example "Zindra Adult Info-HUB")
  • We find 5 people to run the Sim.
  • We use the existing buildings … and adding own (floating area, underwater area, maybe something at the sides at the lake).
  • We use the Sim for a center of information about Zindra, about Adult-Life in SL, adult learning, community-work and more.

==> We can show these, which want "lock adult away" and don'T agree with us, that we can be also nice and create not only naughty stuff. ==> It would make a new step and a footage of a working together.


4 Sims at the edge of Zindra.

Also here the questions: Do we want the Sims, do we need the Sims, can we do it?

Option 1:

  • We tell LL, they can have them back and put on sale.

==> Never again would be events like the "ZExpo", the "Art Maze", maybe also "Zindra unzipped" or the (canceled) "Bed Fair" (from Lias) possible. ==> Nobody will give 4 or even only 3 or 2 complete Sims to use for a month. ==> It would be a lost, but we would have much less work and can focus again on "the green street glow".

Option 2:

  • We find 5 to run the Sims.
  • We fill the Sims with (event) Life …
  • … following some "rules" or "recommended usages", but not acting "stolid" on needings.

==> We can continue our community-work and advertise Zindra, SL and adult mainland to make a benefit for us.

I think, we all are clear about "we want continue it".


Solution Land-Management:

  • One Group have the ownership of the Sims.
  • Different roles in the group can be used for Event-planing and Event-running.

Counter want, the group become cleared from people (except owners) after each event. That is bad, if it's a group of "event addicted people".
There was other "issues", like security-problems ("People can build"), but that can be switched off in roles.
He was make one valuable point for the "cleaning": Maybe some want to planing some "secrets".

My suggestion:

  • We create a complete new group for the Land-management. ("Zindra Community Land-Mgm")
  • The group CAN be used also for event planing, but if some people come up with an own group, they can do planing there.
  • For building and e.g. "DJ's (stream-change)" the event-people become invited into the group - an "Event Leader" can put them into the different roles.
  • If the event-leader wish, "building for all" can be switched on (so no invite for building would be needed).
  • The group become cleaned after each event.

The Land-managers are more "Janitors", keeping the land clean, manage the dates and so on …
… the events the community have to bring and make!

Solution Event-Management:

  • As long no dates collides, is "everything" possible.
  • A continuous stay on the Sims is not allowed.

Counter was set some "rules":

  • Booking only 6 months before.
  • No use of the same person each time.
  • Longest event-time 6 weeks.

I don't agree complete with these ideas, even I understand them.

> Fixed booking only 6 months before is ok, pre-booking up to a year possible. The month before the next events become "fixed booked", they become narrowed in the meetings. Pre-booking events are part of discussion. > "traditional events" become priority. Example: Gin start after the finish of the "ZExpo 2011" the planing for the "ZExpo 2012". If she set to "august 2012" an event (in the pre-booking phase) … and someone bring up a "mysterious disturbing we-sit-on-the-grass-and-do-nothing event", the tradition get priority. > If the same person doing one event after the other … and these events are unique (!)why shouldn't make the same person events again and again? If some people from community bring up other events, they are welcome … but only because "oh, it's that one again" the island will not stay empty. > "Longest event-time 6 weeks" … maybe that will fork for some events … maybe if we have some pre-fabricated buildings for the Island in the inventory, that will work … for some events, it will NOT work. 6 weeks = 2/3 weeks "move in", 3/2 weeks "event", 1 week "clean up". For an event like the "Art Maze" impossible. 8 weeks / 2 months should be possible, if nobody before uses the island a use before would be possible (it it's in use, maybe we can find a solution of use of only 1 of the Sims … or the people have to doing prefabs in the Sandbox … the measures of the Sim don't change and the final fitting should be possible in 4 weeks "move in").

Solution "ZExpo-Group":

About this group was each time discussions. We let it existing, as it is.

Option 1:

  • Ownership goes to the 5 Land-managers, too.
  • It be used as an continuous event group.

Option 2:

  • Ownership goes to Ginette as Event-Leader of the "ZExpo".
  • The group can also be an "opposite" to the "Zindra Alliance"-group.

Option 3:

  • Group become renamed to "Zindra Adult Events" (or something similar).

Solution ACUG:

In the moment exists only the "Zindra Alliance", other groups are … simple said "non existing".
But we loose power and be less strong, we could be: Adult people, which are not on Zindra will think "Why we should join a 'Zindra'-group … we aren't there."

  • For the ACUG-Meetings … which are an "LL office hour" should be opened a new group, e.g. "ACUG - Adult Content Users".
  • This group is a center of communication …
  • … and an "umbrella" for all.
  • The other Group-LEaders should be at least as the leader in.
  • With roles can be controlled the way, how much the people can communicate … and spammer become taken the chat-option.
  • Advertising for event only in a LIMITED mass.

-- FIN --

Actual Topics on Zindra and the ACUG: (outdated, 20.06.2011)

The 'ZEXPO'-group

This group was created for the last "ZEXPO" (Zindra Expo...sition). Some still poke on, it is outdated and best should become deleted or similar. Also that some people have more rights in the group bring for some no pleasure up.

It have become a group to exchange informations and so on, also to organize events, and, and, and.

My suggestion is, to make it an "only event related"-group ... where an "event" is a thing with a wide effect, a community thing ... and not the grand-opening of the next biker-bar.

The Owner-ship goes to a group of 3 or 4 people, with them the most agree ... and which are not the "typical main-actors". Also the responsible LL-staff(s) should be visible.

Per default all are in the "Everyone" role - the role have nearly NO RIGHTS (only get informations). For events exists a set of typical roles, the event-leaders become set to.

I was talk before with two of our "main actors", Counter and Ginette, and both was have something to say about that. I still stay with my suggestions.

Special for my next suggestion, Counter would prefer to remove all people from the event group, while no event is on - main point is "Security". I don't agree with that - on events will be mostly the same people. This way stay a kind of sub-community of event-addicted people. Also if the situation have become more stable, there is the hope, events running day after day - one event finished, the next starts up ... makes no time to left.

Running the 'Event Island' (the 4 Sims)

In the meeting, Amanda was make clear, she will not have the time to run such an island, like Blondin was maybe have it.

An idea was, to let the users to all, but "estate-manager rights" would be not working. About the location of the Sims, it can be easy missed, they are part of the main-land ... and mainland is 1 estate.

If it would be possible, to have a separated estate, but liked to the Zindra-Continent, that would be surely fantastic, but I think, it's not possible and not in the allowed part of rules from LL. It would make "parceling" possible and other things, but in the past also the other ways have work.

My suggestion is, the 4 island sims become owned by the "ZEXPO"-group.

The "Owners" of the ZEXPO-Group are responsible for:

  • keep the place clean
  • special: clean up after events
  • set permissions to group-members for events …
  • … take the permissions.
  • manage event-appointments (keep the calendar)
  • negotiate between people if their dates collides

Counter was seeing security issues, but Sims/parcels can be set to "Group Only can build" ... and in the Group-roles can be set, a Group can build on the land ... or not.

Creating a new Group (ACUG) for all

A kind of "Umbrella group" for ALL residents.

The "Zindra Alliance" is a private group. Everyone can join ... but the owner can toss them out and "rules".

The ACUG should be similar to, for example, the "Second Life Beta" ( [ secondlife:///app/group/19657888-576f-83e9-2580-7c3da7c0e4ca/about secondlife:///app/group/19657888-576f-83e9-2580-7c3da7c0e4ca/about Second Life Beta-Group] ).

The Group is there to access the Test-Sandboxes, but is also a exchange-group for some tech-stuff.

Spammer become taken their chat-rights, Group-notices only for rare people on request.

Well ... open for discussion.