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Discuss Issues Concerning Zindra and Adult Content.


TBD 10am - 11am (PDT)

Due to low volume of attendance and agenda items, this meeting is postponed indefinitely. at Bronlen

Also see the calendar of public user group meetings.


Agenda for the next user group meeting is: NOTICE: Send proposed agenda items to for future meetings.

Destination Guide

Adult Content Regions are now permissible in the SL Destination Guide. See the Destination Guide FAQ for information on adding your location to the guide. Or visit the Adult Content Destination Guide

Adult Content Forums

Join the conversation. Find out about events, Discuss topics or post feedback on the Adult Content Forums.


Premium Adult Content sandboxes. There are four adjacent regions making up a large adult content sandbox.

  1. Sandbox Bicker
  2. Sandbox Colborne
  3. Sandbox Goyer
  4. Sandbox Teagano

There is also a public adult content sandbox at Vortex Adult Sandbox.

Welcome Areas

Please see the Second Life Destination Guide for Adult Content


Links to chat transcripts of past meetings: