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Transcript for Monday November 14, 2011

[10:00] Viale Linden Hi Serjourn - lets wait a couple of minutes
[10:02] Forceme Silverspar Wanna sit on me lap Sassy?
[10:02] Viale Linden Ok. I am excited to have Serjourn Daxter here representing the Freedom Continent
[10:02] Sassy O.o... I was going to proposition Viale first ;)
[10:02] Forceme Silverspar Mhaha!
[10:03] Viale Linden She is going to share some good news and then we will go into Q&A - more to come on the Q&A
[10:03] Viale Linden Serjorun - you have the floor
[10:03] Sassy (right click take)
[10:03] Serjourn Daxter This weekend I was approached by Counter Landfall, a member of the Zindra Alliance
[10:03] Serjourn Daxter We talked and looked into possible cooperation models. It became clear that the use of the Zindra name was a sore point for the alliance. I was also given an insight into the reasons. In the interest of buillding unity in the adult communities, I brought this issue up in my management team meeting Saturday. After some discussions, we passed a 16 to nill vote on to go ahead and profile what we are (an adult hub) rather than to use the Zindra name, that we understand has a value for the Zindra continent, but is of little consequence for us as a hub.
[10:04] Serjourn Daxter As a first result of the new cooperation, the Zindra yellowpages have now been placed in 4 locations in the central HUB sim, and will over the comming weeks be placed also in the 4 surrounding sims.
[10:05] Viale Linden Great news
[10:05] Serjourn Daxter I have today had my land owner, Angelic Estates, request a name change for the sims. That was the introduction, now on to Q&A
[10:05] Viale Linden Ok
[10:06] Counter Landfall very good, it has already served up directory info ;-)
[10:06] Viale Linden for the Q&A session. Please IM Slaton Linden your question. We will try to answer as many questions as possible
[10:07] Slaton Linden Questions anyone?
[10:07] Slaton Linden IM me if you have one ;)
[10:07] Huntress Catteneo sorry late, about particular thing?
[10:08] Serjourn Daxter For your info - it seems like the name change is already happening
[10:09] Lil friend Will I need to update my links in my blog post for the hubs?
[10:09] Serjourn Daxter Recap for the late arrivers
[10:09] Serjourn Daxter This weekend I was approached by Counter Landfall, a member of the Zindra Alliance
[10:09] Serjourn Daxter Yes, landmarks will most likely need updating
[10:09] Lil friend Right , Thank you Ma'am.
[10:11] Viale Linden Does anyone have questions? Please Im Slaton
[10:11] Huntress Catteneo thanks for update
[10:12] Huntress Catteneo I shall try VERY hard to stay awake today
[10:13] Serjourn Daxter OK, if there are no questions, I need to return home and kill some sim watchers that keep telling me that the Zindra Hub sims have now entered status "Unknown"
[10:13] Huntress Catteneo narcolepsy really bad atm though :(
[10:13] Black I had a question ..
[10:13] Serjourn Daxter Ok
[10:13] Black Just sent it to slaton but, not sure if he's responding?
[10:13] Slaton Linden from Huntress: what is to be in the HUBs and how do others get involved?
[10:13] Counter Landfall ok, thanks Serjourn ;-)
[10:14] Serjourn Daxter The HUBS will be gateways to SL
[10:14] Serjourn Daxter ADULT SL
[10:14] Sassy sent to Slaton, who is clearly afk and down at Starbucks
[10:14] Serjourn Daxter All adult sims are welcome to profile there.
[10:14] Serjourn Daxter I rent the sims on commercial terms from Angelic Estates.
[10:14] Serjourn Daxter I charge for ad space and shop space
[10:15] Huntress Catteneo some sort of application?
[10:15] Serjourn Daxter My charging is based on covering tiers with 80% occupancy
[10:15] Serjourn Daxter Just come there, if you see free space - pay and use it
[10:15] Serjourn Daxter We also have infocenter staff
[10:15] Serjourn Daxter You can have your own staff part of manning these centers, just contact me.
[10:16] Serjourn Daxter I pay my staff (a token 25 L$ per hour), you deploy staff on your terms.
[10:16] Sassy cool, I know where to send people then when they ask about certain genre's lol
[10:16] Serjourn Daxter We will insist on supplyiong some basic training
[10:17] Serjourn Daxter Free of charge
[10:17] Slaton Linden from counter: When is the official opening - any opening ceremony - profiling in blog?
[10:17] Serjourn Daxter Okay
[10:17] Serjourn Daxter We are now operating - like a cruise ship sailing its maiden voyage with half the builders still on board
[10:18] Serjourn Daxter We will use the next two weeks to get "the ship in shape" and the staff tuned
[10:18] Serjourn Daxter The BIG LAUNCH is Saturday December 3rd
[10:19] Serjourn Daxter All sims are operational now
[10:19] Serjourn Daxter If you want to contribute, I have a management team, I can not handle all myself
[10:20] Serjourn Daxter There are great possibilities for profiling in the sims
[10:20] Slaton Linden from Gerritt: question--do these hubs function like Info hubs--that people will get dropped there if their region and home are offline?
[10:20] Serjourn Daxter That is up to LL to answer
[10:20] Serjourn Daxter We will supply info when people get there
[10:21] Counter Landfall follow up to that, are teh allowed to set home there?
[10:21] Counter Landfall they*
[10:21] Lil friend Oh good questions
[10:21] Serjourn Daxter Yes, we will allow all to set home
[10:21] Counter Landfall cause that was a massive problem in the Bay City infohubs
[10:21] Counter Landfall new users who set home there and virtually choked the sims
[10:22] Counter Landfall they stayed for hours
[10:22] Serjourn Daxter We will see how that is handled then
[10:22] Serjourn Daxter We have 3 people watching sim performance
[10:22] Serjourn Daxter And we balance things
[10:22] Counter Landfall one thing is sim performance, but worse for new users is geting a sim full message when they want to go there
[10:23] Serjourn Daxter We have struggled to get a good blog editor onboard, if anyone wants to participate, please IM Forceme Silverspar
[10:23] Serjourn Daxter Well, the set home is NOT on in the central sim, but in the 4 surrounding sims
[10:24] Counter Landfall that is a good start
[10:24] Viale Linden The New locations with new names will be added to the Destination Guide soon
[10:25] Serjourn Daxter Hi, it's a bit of a statement at this point but I did a bit of "secret shopping" at the weekend and with an alt asked someone with a helper tag who was representing the hub if they could provide me with resources for my area of interest that was stated. I was given a free object which is a competing product. A landmark to a competitor and then as an afterthought he "mentioned" my store. As a renter at the adult hub, it's important that information is complete and unbiased and certainly should in my mind favour those who are financially supporting it!
[10:26] Serjourn Daxter I agree on that, these are issues we will see initially
[10:26] Serjourn Daxter That is why we say a 2 week ramp-up
[10:27] Serjourn Daxter We have now two methods of giving away freebies: A rentable space down by the water and a "superbox" up at the top of the pyramid
[10:27] Black Actually, I have another option.
[10:27] Serjourn Daxter OK
[10:27] Black if you're interested that is?
[10:27] Viale Linden We will wrap up Q&A at 10:40am
[10:27] Serjourn Daxter from huntress: Are the staff there to look after sims and rentals, or are they there mainly to meet, greet and help newbies?
[10:27] Viale Linden However, the forums last all day...
[10:28] Serjourn Daxter We have two types of staff: The "Greeters" and sim staff with land powers to deal with any issues. Their tag will tell what they are.
[10:28] Serjourn Daxter Black, yes, I am interested
[10:29] Black Last week I brought up the idea of a fully networked midnight mania style board that allows you to teleport directly from one location to the other. There are statistics and because it's a game board, they wont just collect the freebies and run, they have to win them. If interseted, it is something I would like to use to network your entire area.
[10:29] Viale Linden Black - Q's to slaton
[10:29] Black Sorry, I sent that to him but I was not to bring it up however, it does relate.
[10:29] Serjourn Daxter Can you present that for my management team next Satiurday please, this is something I want to discuss with them
[10:30] Black Sure will, thanks.
[10:31] Serjourn Daxter The following people are key people in the sims: Naaman McMahon, Ravena DeCuir, Sidius Core, Nihal Quan, Isabelle Kostolany, Sin Ushimawa, Wendi Zenovka
[10:31] Serjourn Daxter Together we cover all timezones
[10:31] Serjourn Daxter These people have full estate powers in all sims
[10:32] Serjourn Daxter We have mentors working in the sims, as well as regular staff.
[10:32] Viale Linden Nice
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter When I came to SL, I nearly left.
[10:33] Lil friend Me too.
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter I was bored the day after, so I came back
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter The second day I met friendly people
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter So I stayed
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter That is key to what we do
[10:34] Serjourn Daxter Residents need to feel welcome, to learn basic skills, and to get to areas that interest them. That is why the hub is there
[10:34] Serjourn Daxter We teach them to cope, then to have fun
[10:34] Viale Linden Ok - 5 more minutes
[10:35] Serjourn Daxter But if they are met with a "whatthefuckareyoudoingherebloodyn00b" - they will not stay
[10:35] Lil friend Lil friend facepaws >.<

[10:35] Ann Otoole the ahern effect
[10:35] Lil friend Lil friend gigglesfits

[10:36] Serjourn Daxter I did NOT mention Ahern, but yes - part of my research was to create a n00b alt and see what happened
[10:36] Serjourn Daxter It was a VERY educating effect
[10:36] Serjourn Daxter I encourage you to do likewise
[10:36] Huntress Catteneo been there done that lol
[10:36] Ilana Debevec did the alt survive unscathed? well minor scathing?
[10:37] Serjourn Daxter And my N00b would - had she been a real noob - have left SL for good within 35 minutes
[10:37] Gerritt no psychological after-care
[10:37] Huntress Catteneo I was asking people at some rl events to come into sl a while back
[10:37] Serjourn Daxter Yes?
[10:37] Huntress Catteneo so tested what their journey would be first
[10:38] Serjourn Daxter Yes???
[10:38] Serjourn Daxter [2011/11/14 10:38] Slaton Linden: from Black: any plans for teaching basic - advanced skills building / sculpting and mesh fundamentals
[10:38] Huntress Catteneo things have improved since that time
[10:38] Forceme Silverspar If I may?
[10:38] Serjourn Daxter We will, and we have set aside an area that is at the moment NOT open as a sandbox but that can be opened
[10:39] Serjourn Daxter Yes, Forceme?
[10:39] Forceme Silverspar Not to worry.
[10:39] Serjourn Daxter And we have a hidden area below the welcome center - reserved to be a showcase for SL adult art
[10:40] Innula Zenovka i was wondering what that was for
[10:40] Serjourn Daxter We will launch - then launch this, but we do need a curator
[10:41] Serjourn Daxter So anyone know a good curator, contact me or Forceme Silverspar
[10:41] Huntress Catteneo there are a few around
[10:41] Slaton Linden any other questions?
[10:42] Huntress Catteneo with so many art sims closing this year
[10:42] Viale Linden Thanks
[10:42] Serjourn Daxter Any furthjer questions, feel free to IM me or my staff, please allow for a little response time as I do have a few IM's these days
[10:42] Ilana Debevec a few? (gring)
[10:42] Ilana Debevec (grins even)
[10:43] Viale Linden Thank you Serjourn
[10:43] Qie Thanks, Serjourn, and hope the project is a great success.
[10:43] Viale Linden Thanks for spending time with the group today
[10:43] Serjourn Daxter I have 0 people on my mute list (a principle of mine), and I never ignore any IM's, but my IM's do get capped
[10:43] Innula Zenovka Thanks Serjourn
[10:43] Serjourn Daxter Yw
[10:43] Counter Landfall Thanks Serjourn
[10:43] Viale Linden This is a Resident led program
[10:43] Serjourn Daxter Now let us see if it is possible to teleport to the renamed sims
[10:43] Viale Linden Entries will be found in the DG
[10:44] Viale Linden When these are open, I recommend a visit
[10:46] Viale Linden I will place a link to the transcript on the forums
[10:46] Innula Zenovka thanks, Viale
[10:46] Viale Linden For everyone that could not attend
[10:46] Huntress Catteneo so that is only sbject today?
[10:47] Viale Linden Yes, sorry no other agenda items
[10:47] Viale Linden I hope that was helpful
[10:47] Huntress Catteneo ok :( status quo again
[10:48] Innula Zenovka how do you mean, Huntress?
[10:48] Viale Linden Sorry Huntress, if you have an agenda item for next time, please email
[10:49] Huntress Catteneo yes and then it is not on agenda
[10:49] Viale Linden I am sorry - not sure what you mean?
[10:49] Huntress Catteneo everyone gets - lets have smaller meeting on that etc
[10:49] Huntress Catteneo with Vortex
[10:50] Viale Linden Vortex - shoot
[10:50] Serjourn Daxter Okay
[10:50] Viale Linden we can possibly answer
[10:50] Huntress Catteneo atm we can't even list events there
[10:50] Viale Linden Still?
[10:51] Huntress Catteneo when changed?
[10:51] Viale Linden Wondering if you might want to list on the forums as the sandbox is probably not the best place to get viewers
[10:51] Huntress Catteneo not sure what you mean?
[10:52] Viale Linden I will follow up on that ticket, but generally the here are the official ways to support yoru events
[10:53] Huntress Catteneo it is issue of location
[10:53] Viale Linden
[10:53] Huntress Catteneo cannot choose that location
[10:54] Huntress Catteneo it is an ability
[10:54] Viale Linden Thanks everyone for attending today. I think this moves us forward
[10:54] Innula Zenovka are you saying, Huntress, that if you want to list, in Events, something happening at the Vortex, it won't let you?
[10:54] Viale Linden Destination Guide, Forums, Emails and welcoming areas for adult content
[10:55] Huntress Catteneo yes Innula
[10:55] Huntress Catteneo can't choose that as a location
[10:55] Qie Viale, this was very good. But Huntress has a point about not being able to list community events for a venue that's owned by that group, unless roles are defined that allow it... so it would be good to discuss that offline, maybe.
[10:55] Huntress Catteneo so can't put build classes etc in events
[10:56] Huntress Catteneo need 'host events' ability
[10:56] Viale Linden I will follow up on the ticket
[10:57] Huntress Catteneo Slaton should be able to do
[10:57] Viale Linden We are not land managers
[10:57] Viale Linden we need to go through support
[10:57] Innula Zenovka i think a group owner has to give the ability, don't they?
[10:57] Huntress Catteneo just need to be high enough in group
[10:58] Viale Linden We will follow up with support
[10:58] Qie right. I think it's a problem with the organization of the group at this point.