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Transcript for Monday June 13, 2011

[10:56] Zada Bury back
[10:56] Zada Bury Heya Amanda.
[10:56] Ginette Pinazzo Hi Amanda
[10:56] Amanda Linden hey all
[10:56] Amanda Linden Amanda Linden waves

[10:56] Zacklee Devin Hello
[10:56] Zada Bury Have work at the weekend?
[10:57] Counter Landfall Hi Amanda
[10:57] Amanda Linden me?
[10:57] Ginette Pinazzo Amanda, see if you can which chair the cahirperson gets! haha
[10:57] Zada Bury *nods*
[10:57] Amanda Linden ha
[10:57] Ginette Pinazzo *can guess
[10:57] Zada Bury Or was party-time
[10:57] Amanda Linden yep, i worked yesterday for about 5 - 6 hours.
[10:57] Amanda Linden but, relaxed otherwise. :)
[10:57] Counter Landfall Hi CouldBe
[10:58] Amanda Linden welcome everyone!
[10:58] Counter Landfall thx
[10:58] Amanda Linden the agenda is here...
[10:58] Amanda Linden
[10:58] Zada Bury *~~silencepurr~~*
[10:58] Ginette Pinazzo any new faces?
[10:59] Amanda Linden we'll get started in a min or two....
[10:59] Zada Bury Some are usually late ^.^
[10:59] Amanda Linden np. )
[11:00] Amanda Linden we'll wait another min.
[11:00] Zada Bury can we fill the agenda by self or can only you do it, btw?
[11:00] Ginette Pinazzo ah,,,all old faces? haha
[11:00] Amanda Linden Amanda Linden sips tea

[11:00] Amanda Linden you can add items, etc.
[11:00] Amanda Linden just login and click on the edit tab...
[11:01] Amanda Linden you're good dancer. :)
[11:01] Zada Bury Gooood. I've thougt for me, you get 1 week cub-protection.
[11:01] Amanda Linden ha.
[11:01] Amanda Linden ok, think we can get started.
[11:01] Amanda Linden but before we dive into the agenda, as the chair, i would like to say a few words....
[11:01] Amanda Linden cool?
[11:01] Ginette Pinazzo fab
[11:01] Amanda Linden ossm.
[11:02] Zada Bury Sure, fine.
[11:02] Zacklee Devin Yar !
[11:02] Amanda Linden ok first of all i really enjoyed our meeting last week and very excited about all of the good things the adult community is cooking up.
[11:02] Innula Zenovka HI, Athy
[11:02] Athy Hello Innula
[11:02] Amanda Linden i think that--by working together--we can do even more and grow this community--financially for everyone and in numbers.
[11:03] Janicka Engineer hello Amanda
[11:03] Janicka Engineer hello all
[11:03] Amanda Linden i'm here to help you guysdo that and i'm now your main LL point of contact.
[11:03] Zada Bury Zada Bury gasps. "Janicka ... dressed ... o, wait, not complete."

[11:03] Amanda Linden that said, this meeting is for all of us to put aside personal agendas and think about broad needs that the adult community has.
[11:03] Amanda Linden i appreciate that you all have different communities, but this is where we come together as one.
[11:04] Amanda Linden no drama, no backbiting. but a productive, fun conversation about how we can all work together for the common good.
[11:04] Amanda Linden everyone ok with that?
[11:04] Zacklee Devin well said
[11:04] Amanda Linden issues? questions?
[11:04] Ginette Pinazzo wonderful
[11:04] Counter Landfall sounds good to mw
[11:04] Counter Landfall me*
[11:04] Zada Bury Sounds great.
[11:04] Amanda Linden great!!!
[11:04] Hypatia Meili yes
[11:04] Amanda Linden me too!
[11:05] Amanda Linden ok, with that, let's dive in.
[11:05] Amanda Linden first, welcoming committee. who's new to this meeting?
[11:05] Amanda Linden any one wnat to introduce themselves?
[11:05] Amanda Linden go for it!
[11:05] Zacklee Devin im new here no issues no ? just wide eyed comedian learning about your comunties
[11:05] Amanda Linden great zacklee, welcome!
[11:06] Zacklee Devin TY
[11:06] Amanda Linden any one else?
[11:06] Athy I guess I'm old-new. I slip in every few months and listen in.
[11:06] Janicka Engineer I have one question amanda
[11:06] Amanda Linden sure thing janicak and welcome athy
[11:06] Amanda Linden janicka, sorry.
[11:06] Janicka Engineer I would like ask you about group of Zindra Vortex
[11:06] Amanda Linden Amanda Linden thinks i picked the wrong time to give up coffee.

[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo (has more coffee)
[11:06] Amanda Linden wel, i'm just getting up to speed myself....
[11:07] Amanda Linden someone here from zindra vortex to answer janicka's question?
[11:07] Hypatia Meili Blondin is stil owner
[11:07] Janicka Engineer yes I am
[11:07] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:07] Amanda Linden ah
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo we can address that but maybe later in agenda?
[11:07] Amanda Linden ok, so he owns the zindra vortex land?
[11:07] Hypatia Meili group owner
[11:07] Amanda Linden ah, ok. let's talk offline.
[11:07] Amanda Linden thanks!
[11:08] Amanda Linden ok, next up, zindra expo (zexpo)
[11:08] Hypatia Meili that also goes for Zindra expo group
[11:08] Amanda Linden any updates from gina?
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo yes
[11:08] Amanda Linden kk, hypatia.
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo (updates are required on island events)...
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo First, quick mention: I am happy so many are getting involved in ZEXPO, and I hope (in the spirit of cooperation) more and more of you do. This will be a delightfully grand experiment and I hope everyone with positive contributions can take part......
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo 5 small items..
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo 1. Pre-Parties...
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo Heaven Lacey has joined the team as our Pre-Party Committee and will help coordinate those parties. Throughout the 2 weeks leading up to ZEXPO's opening, many exhibitors will host Pre-Parties at their own locations (own sims) to cross-promote. ......
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo This helps the exhibitor's place and helps ZEXPO,, and it is a great way to build extra interest just before the show. Plus, exhibitors who agree to have a Pre-Party earn extra floorspace at the show...........
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo questions abt pre-parties or Heaven?
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo ok.....2. Vehicles....
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo We will have enough vehicle options for attendees that I will make a special section in the guidebook and website for them. So far we have a blimp, boats, horses, unicycles, the Floats themselves which are rideable, and maybe little cars. Some options will be free, others rented, maybe to buy......Lots of ways to 'tour' the island. ......
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo 3. The Gag.....
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo One of the exhibitors, Z&A Productions has created an amusing twist on a ZEXPO sign for us to give away. It's a wearable gag that promotes the show. I'll be passing that out in the group soon......
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo Thanks to Antony Fairport and Vila Pixelmaid of Z&A Productions for contributing this.......(if anyone wants to model this gag, just ask me).......
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo (looks around for model)
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo 4. Business Networking.......
[11:12] Zacklee Devin ew ew ew pick me mr kotter
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo (passes gag to Zack)
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo One of the best opportunities with a show like this comes from the fact you have many SL businesses gathered in one place. Because of this, I am going to try to make the entire week leading up the show's opening a special Business Networking week, so the showgrounds will have some type of activities that promote inter-business connections. (industry mixers, business card-trading parties, a business networking center?).
[11:13] Amanda Linden when is the show ginette?
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo The idea is that the exhibitors should really meet each other, connect, share, and find ways to work together. This is a fantastic opportunity and can help promote business growth on Zindra and beyond. I am looking for a person (please volunteer!) to help design programs for please contact me if Business Networking is your expertise or passion...... AUG 26 Amanda
[11:13] Amanda Linden kk, ty
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo any questionsm about the Business Netwroking side of things?
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo ok........
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo 5. Finally, Comedy.......
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo One of our exhibitors is comedian Zacklee Devin, who I feel will add a lot to the show, plus he runs a group called Laugh Limo, which connects us to many of SL's comedians. Connections like this are invaluable and brings us many new people and ideas........
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo I also like Zacklee because I am personally on a mission to find a man that can make me laugh.......Zacklee is my quick guest of the day..........
[11:15] Zacklee Devin aw
[11:15] Zacklee Devin and hes better on voice so bear with me
[11:15] Ginette Pinazzo (report FIN)
[11:15] Amanda Linden :) great update!
[11:15] Amanda Linden thanks ginette & welcome again zacklee.
[11:15] Amanda Linden woot!
[11:15] Amanda Linden checking out the zexpo site--looks ossm.
[11:16] Amanda Linden ok, next is the wiki for new residents.
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo feel free to heckle the comedian even before he makes any jokes
[11:16] Amanda Linden good news on this one. i just had a meeting on this topic earlier today and it's been escalated. the team is currently scoping the work and i should have an ETA by next week.
[11:16] Amanda Linden but the right folks are on it.
[11:16] Zada Bury Sounds good.
[11:17] Amanda Linden and it's being handled. :)
[11:17] Amanda Linden question?
[11:17] Amanda Linden s
[11:17] Hypatia Meili it real neds 2 basic things
[11:17] Zacklee Devin nerds*?
[11:17] Hypatia Meili instrctionon how to log in & make it cas insensative
[11:17] Zacklee Devin needs?
[11:17] Hypatia Meili case
[11:17] Hypatia Meili yes
[11:17] Amanda Linden yes...
[11:17] Amanda Linden well, the bigger issue is that it should just work.
[11:18] Amanda Linden with single sign on using open id (similar to the lithium platform)
[11:18] Amanda Linden so, we're gonna fix it the right way.
[11:18] Innula Zenovka but until the bigger issue is fixed, why not publicise the work-round?
[11:18] Amanda Linden looks like it could get fixed soon--but don't want to make promises.
[11:18] Amanda Linden :)
[11:18] Zada Bury It works, if the people type right. ^.^
[11:18] Amanda Linden true true. if i don't have an eta by next week that is reasonable, then we'll do the work around.
[11:19] Counter Landfall so it just needs an additional line of explanatory text
[11:19] Hypatia Meili Hypatia Meili cant type right :p

[11:19] Zacklee Devin wud wrung der tuping lock fin to me
[11:19] Amanda Linden understood. but it's not my call....
[11:19] Amanda Linden so, one more week and maybe it will even be fixed. :)
[11:19] Amanda Linden ok, age verification vid.
[11:19] Amanda Linden we took it down.
[11:20] Counter Landfall we will hold it to you ;-)
[11:20] Amanda Linden you're right. it's wrong and shouldn't have been up there.
[11:20] Innula Zenovka thanks..
[11:20] Amanda Linden so, we took it down and we need to make sure that the knowledge base articles are correct.
[11:20] Amanda Linden so, take a look at both of htem that i linked in the agenda and make sure....
[11:20] Amanda Linden you all are the best folks to QA our work. :)
[11:20] Amanda Linden if you see inaccuracies, then email me at and i'll make sure that the articles are updated/fixed.
[11:21] Innula Zenovka will do
[11:21] Amanda Linden fab. and thanks for flagging this for us.
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo thanks
[11:21] Amanda Linden sure thing.
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo we are ever-vigilant..haha
[11:21] Amanda Linden ok, next is gina with vortex tweaks, unless there are any questions for me....
[11:21] Amanda Linden love it!
[11:21] Amanda Linden need extra eagle eyes--for sure.
[11:21] Couldbe I have a couple that are AOB
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo ok...
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo BBQBill is still on vacation. He asked me just to ask you, Amanda, if you received his brief message about the few glitches at the Vortex and if there is any movement on that. Those are a few techy glitches that need to be fixed before we can move on with the rest of the Vortex development (which isn't too much in total). The items such as Janicka mentioned are critical, though we need to fix these glitches asap.
[11:22] Couldbe do you want to do them now or after
[11:22] Amanda Linden um, lemme see--last week was nuts.
[11:22] Amanda Linden i'll look for his email after this meeting and get on it.
[11:22] Ginette Pinazzo if you cant find it, I have a CC
[11:22] Amanda Linden :) sorry. a few emails seemed to have slipped through the cracks.
[11:22] Amanda Linden ok, cool.
[11:23] Amanda Linden yep, and fixing the groups issue is easy peasy.
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo bascially, the autoreturn doesnt always work, and abilities of the staff dont always work
[11:23] Amanda Linden but i would like to better understand what my responsibilities would be as I can't guarantee that i can be as hands on as blondin was.
[11:23] Amanda Linden in fact, i knwo that i can.t
[11:23] Janicka Engineer and we have also in last time troubles with griefers
[11:23] Amanda Linden as much as the commnunity can manage independently....
[11:24] Hypatia Meili ablities wil depend on group and land setings
[11:24] Amanda Linden gosh, whatever you can do on your end would be great and then i can just be here for support.
[11:24] Amanda Linden ok, let's set up a sep meeting to discuss vortex. need to understand more.
[11:24] Amanda Linden zap me some times when you're avail.
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo Amanda, Ill get the CC for you...and then, later......1v1 so you know where the development styands
[11:24] Zacklee Devin Amanda....I love your use.....of...well....dots...
[11:24] Amanda Linden later in teh week--thurs and fri is pretty open.
[11:24] Amanda Linden thank you...zacklee.
[11:24] Amanda Linden haha
[11:25] Amanda Linden cool?
[11:25] Ginette Pinazzo fab
[11:25] Amanda Linden fab back at ya!
[11:25] Zada Bury It looks familiar like me ... I doings also often. ^.^
[11:25] Amanda Linden ok, and the next item is catch up stuff for me.
[11:25] Amanda Linden that i need to read. :)
[11:26] Amanda Linden ginette is handing out homework assignments. :)
[11:26] Zada Bury Was poked by someone ... *whistles*
[11:26] Amanda Linden will look at this stuff this week and note in the comments when i have.
[11:26] Counter Landfall Amanda, I just wanted to make sure you got the meo from ZA last week?
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo well....spoem of it repetateive....but its good to i strung many thinsg together in one narrative so it shoudl be interesting
[11:26] Counter Landfall memo*
[11:26] Amanda Linden yes counter, i did.
[11:26] Counter Landfall good
[11:26] Amanda Linden :)
[11:27] Amanda Linden i understand where folks are coming from--got several notes.
[11:27] Amanda Linden the thing is--we're all here as one team.
[11:27] Counter Landfall it is probably better to first discuss in a ZA meeting woith the group
[11:27] Amanda Linden kk
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo is yoru Catch Up, Amandfa.....get ready to copy
[11:27] Amanda Linden not gonna get into it.
[11:27] Amanda Linden kk, ginette go for it
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo this covers, bascially....Zindra Sim / Promenade / Photo Event
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo A story in 8 segments:......
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo 1. First, realize there is a region on the mainland of Zindra CALLED Zindra. This 'Zindra sim' has been a real marketing nightmare and its been a hot topic here. People search Zindra on the map and think that sim is all of it. I've spoken to many (not newbies either) who think Zindra is a tiny no-traffic sim and dont know anymore than that.
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo 2. Directly after ZEXPO 2010 ended (last April) the producer of that show went on to propose she move her ZEXPO content (a stage and other elements) onto the Zindra sim to create a large continuing marketing effort that would inhabit that sim. ......
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo The plan was refused by almost all of this community for a few reasons: ....
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo a) it was an obvious move to continue the same abuse of LL land that person had done at ZEXPO 2010, and would not be a neutral, fair space as a result. .......
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo b) the plan may have looked pretty, (there were some nice designs) but it was all surface: it didnt indicate how the program would be managed, how it was sustainable, or even do-able........
[11:29] Counter Landfall Ginette, please
[11:29] Counter Landfall do not rewrite histiry
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo c) because of the Zindra name issue, I argued (and many agreed, including Blondin) that NO marketing materials should exist there yet, and that the space should remain a civic, informational-only space as long as the name problem existed and as long as we still lacked a system to actually run such a program........
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo countre, let me finish...there are records for all of this....
[11:30] Counter Landfall indeed
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo 3. With this decision, Blondin then did 2 things:
[11:30] Counter Landfall and they are not like your story :-)
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo a) He asked me to develop a version of the already in-use ZEXPO Island Seasonal Events Campaign (that he himself helped write, by the way) that would work for smaller, more frequent events at the Zindra Sim. (if we ever did have events there)
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo This was going to be much more complicated than a 4-large-events-in-one-year plan, and I knew that, so there was no rush to develop it. I spent a LONG time writing a proposal that would be fair, neutral and most of all, do-able! (because getting 4 large events approved by LL a year is actually much simpler than getting a continuous stream of smaller events approved.....a lot more to it) I consulted with many to get a good proposal.'
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo the 2nd thing Blondin did...
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo b) Blondin also worked with us to develop some basic informational content to put at the Zindra Sim. A touchable map (thanks to Qie) and notecard givers at a forced landing point. Yes, its not fancy but it does help with those people who TP in not realizing they are on an entire continent called Zindra.
[11:32] Couldbe quick, call the fire dept!! we have a burning martyr!!
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo 4.As I worked on the proposal for the smaller/medium events, it occurred to me there is something basic that MUST be done FIRST before I even think to propose it. Whether or not Zindra Sim ever gets marketing material, this issue must come first:
[11:32] Zacklee Devin smoking hot avatars also tho
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo what does that mena coulbe?
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo In short, the sim needs a name change. We discussed various options (Zindra Gateway, etc), keeping 'Zindra' in there for search reasons, but making it more specific so people don't get confused with the actual mainland's name. You must realize, putting any marketing materials there or events would be a real abuse of LL land because people go there as a point of first contact when they search Zindra mainland. They shoudnt be seeing any form of advertising. (believe me, I love commercial Marketing, but I know where it belongs and doesnt belong)
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo Blondin approved the name-change concept, but no name was chosen yet.
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo ......
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo 5. We proposed something called the Four Corners of Zindra, which is a big-picture plan containing most of the many things discussed over the past year in one organized package, Blondin approves this plan 100% (I know because we asked him many times over).
[11:33] Sissy Blitz I tried to get involved in Community Events but you removed all my things Ginette and then bullied me I feel I can not participate in any events you hold because of Conflict of interest
[11:33] Sissy Blitz Good day all
[11:34] Counter Landfall that was your plan mostly
[11:34] Amanda Linden sissy, no backbiting or drama.
[11:34] Counter Landfall and the community did not want the name changhe
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo Amanda..I will stop right now. Im not goingt o tolerate lies against myu character in public anymore
[11:34] Amanda Linden that goes for everyone.
[11:34] Counter Landfall we did the name change of that sim a year before
[11:34] Counter Landfall before anone had seen traces of you
[11:34] Amanda Linden ok, counter, want to share more? your turn
[11:34] Counter Landfall besides the materail there is pathetic
[11:34] Vick Forcella Greetings, all still alive?
[11:35] Zada Bury We have talk about the Name change, but it was "on hold" still, if I remember right.
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo thats it. I have seen chacaretr defamation against me from counter already this week. i dotn need to heart it here
[11:35] Counter Landfall a a handout to age verify
[11:35] Counter Landfall well do, to get there you ahve to be age verified
[11:35] Couldbe we did the name change originally because the original zindra sim was out in the ocean
[11:35] Counter Landfall and the link to zexpo
[11:35] Couldbe why is this coming up again??
[11:36] Amanda Linden ok, lemme see if i understand....
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo if you think is acceptable to insult in meetings...then I have no place at table with your likes...
[11:36] Counter Landfall mostly becase some individuals feel they need to run Zindra
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo counter, want to derail this?
[11:36] Amanda Linden ok, there is an area called zindra in zindra continent. no marketing.
[11:36] Counter Landfall no, we dont want the name change
[11:36] Amanda Linden just a first landing spot.
[11:36] Vick Forcella Ginette, Counter.. Time out
[11:36] Amanda Linden guys, stop.
[11:36] Counter Landfall we discussed this in 2009
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo I am trying to catch Amanda on big stuff....this is intense...stop adding confusion..wait until AFTER
[11:37] Amanda Linden let me see if i understad.
[11:37] Amanda Linden everyone, take a deep breath.
[11:37] Amanda Linden i guess my question is this.
[11:37] Counter Landfall and ww said last time this was discussed that ZA as a group dont want it to change
[11:37] Amanda Linden what do you need from me on this topic?
[11:37] Amanda Linden it sounds like it's background, but there isn't an ask...
[11:37] Couldbe yes. and the reason we have a region called zindra is that when people search using the map there's not way to find continents so we have a region to get people to us
[11:37] Couldbe simple
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo Amnada...allwe need is for you to digets the story.,..then onjce youve got it, peoepl can say whatever...
[11:37] Counter Landfall exactly Couldbe
[11:38] Couldbe we had people landind in the ocean when it was originally set up. now at least they land on land
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo they are wroing Amada....
[11:38] Counter Landfall Qie here delivered a proposal for the sim a few meetings ago
[11:38] Hypatia Meili How about a simple sign at LP text over a map, at leas till other isues are resolved
[11:38] Couldbe now can we *PLEASE* put this one to bed again
[11:38] Zada Bury We have on "Zindra" (continent) the "Zindra" (Sim). Our idea is: Peaople hear about "Zindra, adult land", want TP there and landing "somewhere". We wanted it to use as kind of advertise.
[11:38] Counter Landfall which is ammuch better startign point for a discussion about the Zindra sim
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo it WAS put to bed, and Blondin agreed with what i am saying....stop revising
[11:38] Qie just to explain a bit more about the Zindra sim. Molly's build there is mostly complete, but it was designed for a Luna Oaks-like lotteried vendor space. So... eventually, *something* needs to change, unless we revert to that lottery plan again.
[11:38] Janicka Engineer couner I watch Zindra ocean every day on map and I dont see too much avatars here
[11:39] Counter Landfall Blodin is unfortunately not here more Ginette
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo Amanda.....undertsand these peoepl woitn let my presentation finish, and have derailed this topic
[11:39] Amanda Linden ok, gues what.
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo yes Counter...anmd you are exploting the situation of his departure
[11:39] Amanda Linden you guys need to stop.
[11:39] Amanda Linden this is not productive.
[11:39] Huntress Catteneo I think all shoulfd be quiet except Amanda right at this moment
[11:39] Amanda Linden thanks huntress
[11:39] Counter Landfall what is not productive Amandfa is that Ginette will not let anyone but herself have any say in Zindra
[11:39] Janicka Engineer I really dont understand what counter is taget
[11:40] Amanda Linden i'm here to understand your needs now--backstory is nice, but not something that is necessarily good for a group meeting.
[11:40] Janicka Engineer target
[11:40] Zada Bury
[11:40] Amanda Linden i'm happy to read backgounds--outside of htis meeting (which was my plan)
[11:40] Amanda Linden unless there is a change/ask that the gropu needs to discuss....
[11:40] Amanda Linden then i iwll move on.
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo I can jump to the acton itesm...there are bascially 3
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo but they wont make much sense without the background
[11:41] Amanda Linden ok....
[11:41] Amanda Linden what are the action items? or items to discuss as a group?
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo ....We have a Promenade to talk about, thats an integral (but certainly complex) part of the Four Corners. I am hoping we can do a 1v1 and really play catch up on that.
[11:41] Vick Forcella Vick Forcella leaves

[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo (the Four Corners of Zindra is an overall initiatve agreed upon months ago)
[11:41] Amanda Linden ok, ginette...
[11:42] Amanda Linden and this goes for everyone... because this is impt.
[11:42] Vick Forcella Bye all. seen enough :)
[11:42] Counter Landfall Cheers Vick
[11:42] Amanda Linden i am here to help you guys solve issues and grow your communities.
[11:42] Janicka Engineer bye vick
[11:42] Amanda Linden i cannot be hands on like blondin was.
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo .....We have a Photo Event to talk about (a good next step would literally be setting up a 1v1 with Sabra and Amanda so the new series can be previewed. I think that would be inspirational))
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo (Sabra Hemingway...our featured Zindra photographer this season)
[11:42] Amanda Linden you guys need to run your own communities and this is an opportunity to meet up to discuss larger issues that effect everyone and how LL can help/support your work.
[11:43] Counter Landfall Agreed Amanda
[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo I know you cannto be hands-on Amanda. I apprecaiet that. But its important you know what the picture is before doing any one task, no?
[11:43] Amanda Linden unfortunately, i just cannot get into the details of your sims....
[11:43] Amanda Linden ok...
[11:43] Counter Landfall but with the setup of the Zexpo group Ginette thinks she represents the community
[11:43] Amanda Linden so what can the Lab help you with?
[11:43] Counter Landfall while it is in fact a Linden group
[11:44] Amanda Linden i think that's something that is worth discussing....
[11:44] Janicka Engineer I thing that first importnant thing is finish of Zindra mentors team
[11:44] Amanda Linden I cannot run the Zexpo.
[11:44] Amanda Linden i'll make a mess of it.
[11:44] Amanda Linden :)
[11:44] Counter Landfall and do you by policy run community groups?
[11:44] Amanda Linden it's much better in your collective hands.
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo stop it counter...there are not only rtwo tyoes of groups in the world
[11:45] Amanda Linden we do not run community groups...but support importnat groups in the community.
[11:45] Counter Landfall I am asking Amanda of their policy for community groups
[11:45] Hypatia Meili the problem cam down to nobody could even agree on who would over see the process on pickin who chairs any such meetings
[11:45] Amanda Linden we do run small user groups to help us get feedback on the product.
[11:45] Counter Landfall thanks Amanda
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo and zexpo group is waht it efefctive group that connects with LL
[11:45] Amanda Linden but when it comes to the community groups--they are run by the community and we'r ehere to help.
[11:45] Zada Bury That was in the past, mostly. The "ZEXPO-Group" was the group to "rule" the event-island (the 4 sims).
[11:45] Counter Landfall then the zexpo group needs to be run as an event grooup only
[11:46] Amanda Linden yes.
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo no counter...that is YOUR asserion
[11:46] Amanda Linden LL cannot run the group.
[11:46] Amanda Linden it's true ginette.
[11:46] Amanda Linden i cannot run groups and it's much better in your hands (as a group)
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo well its an LL owned group, at the very least
[11:46] Amanda Linden that's easy enough to change.
[11:46] Amanda Linden and it will need to
[11:46] Counter Landfall what is this hangup on LL groups Ginette?
[11:46] Rayna rotate -- like the UN
[11:46] Hypatia Meili wait! does tha mean we can not share news though it on Zindra issues. the groupcontains many zindrans
[11:47] Ginette Pinazzo no hangup counter..youve bene hungup trying to stop everything we do
[11:47] Amanda Linden of course you can.
[11:47] Amanda Linden but LL will not be the group leader.
[11:47] Counter Landfall I am glad to hear that Amanda
[11:47] Counter Landfall then we can get back to building community
[11:47] Hypatia Meili well thats counter issue he want , he want allchat notices etc tobe only abot zexpo period
[11:47] Amanda Linden ok, am i making sense.
[11:47] Hypatia Meili asa rule
[11:47] Amanda Linden yes, it's your community, not LL's
[11:47] Qie well...
[11:47] Counter Landfall great
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo you might be making sense! I hope so
[11:48] Amanda Linden in fact, that may be a reason why you might have been feeling stifled.
[11:48] Amanda Linden you own it.
[11:48] Amanda Linden not us
[11:48] Amanda Linden take it and fly!
[11:48] Amanda Linden :)
[11:48] Counter Landfall It is Amanda
[11:48] Qie the problem may be that the ZEXPO and other sims belong to LL... so... some concern about LL retaining oversight of events / content on those sims.
[11:48] Counter Landfall it has been impossible to compete with free sims and whatnot
[11:48] Amanda Linden well, the sims being LL means that we pay for them.
[11:48] Amanda Linden that's all.
[11:48] Janicka Engineer Amanda I have one idea
[11:48] Amanda Linden sure
[11:49] Amanda Linden and all continents are LL (fyi)
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo you asked to mhave events on those samer 'free sim's counter.....dotn even try it
[11:49] Janicka Engineer I wozld like change owner of Zindra Expo on new owner
[11:49] Janicka Engineer on Ginette
[11:49] Janicka Engineer it is possible?
[11:49] Amanda Linden i suppose that it's up for a vote.
[11:49] Amanda Linden it's up to you all, not me.
[11:49] Zacklee Devin make the new owner draw a sword from a stone or something....
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo how would that affect the fact the sims (vortex., islamnd etc) are LL-owned lands? implications?
[11:49] Janicka Engineer that can neutralizied this stupid war
[11:49] Counter Landfall if anythign make multple owners
[11:50] Amanda Linden i can look into those details ginette.
[11:50] Hypatia Meili you need to udersatnd all permision issues
[11:50] Hypatia Meili amanda
[11:50] Amanda Linden that stuff is easy to work out....
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo and in the midts of projects (liek ZEXPO etc) is it safe to even mnake such a change?
[11:50] Counter Landfall that is rather useful in group setups
[11:50] Hypatia Meili or it wil ciple land use
[11:50] Hypatia Meili cripple
[11:50] Amanda Linden well, i'm sure you guys will teach me what i don't know. :)
[11:50] Amanda Linden i gatehr this group isn't shy. :)
[11:50] Amanda Linden (why i like you guys!)
[11:50] Counter Landfall it will not make any change to the land use as long as it is set to the group
[11:51] Counter Landfall LL can reclaim the land at any tike if the need to
[11:51] Huntress Catteneo owner of actual chat/announcement group needs to be nuetral, hard call here atm
[11:51] Amanda Linden the other thing is that Ll can own the land and then there can be estate managers who have permissions, etc.
[11:51] Amanda Linden right?
[11:51] Counter Landfall yes
[11:51] Amanda Linden exactly.
[11:51] Zada Bury On mainland?
[11:51] Qie ummm... but the Mainland is all one estate, afaik
[11:51] Counter Landfall of course
[11:51] Amanda Linden ok, is there a neutral person that you all trust has the best interest of all groups?
[11:52] Zada Bury Agree to Qie.
[11:52] Couldbe If it's a LL group then only LL should be sending announcements - the expo group has been prone to spam announcements in the past and it's best to block access to all
[11:52] Counter Landfall it is jsut a configuration issue in the sim
[11:52] Amanda Linden someone natural? if not, i can set up a poll
[11:52] Amanda Linden or a survey.
[11:52] Couldbe ah yes, because they're never gamed
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo might want t6o meditate on it..because the orif=ginal intent was to have a LL-owend groupo because of 'netrality' indiviuudual resident-run groups didhnt abuse LL resources.....just a point to remember back in the mind
[11:52] Amanda Linden coudlbe--i cannot own the group.
[11:52] Hypatia Meili that was the intiual problem Blondin never set up poll
[11:52] Amanda Linden well, that means that you guys have to choose someone that you trust.
[11:53] Counter Landfall as I said, have 3 owners perhaps
[11:53] Zada Bury Maybe thing a week about, also about the technical backgrounds.
[11:53] Hypatia Meili so no one could decide who would deceide
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo teh group will need , out of neccsity to have central, communication...that includes nOtuices
[11:53] Counter Landfall with fiar representation in the community
[11:53] Huntress Catteneo I doubt there will be someone all trust sadly
[11:53] Couldbe why not? It's your group, your land and for notices the number that should be sent should mean you shouldn't have to spend more than 10 minutes a week on a busy week
[11:53] Counter Landfall fair*
[11:53] Amanda Linden what do you say?
[11:53] Amanda Linden who will be fair to everyone?
[11:53] Huntress Catteneo this rift from what I know it a long run one
[11:53] Amanda Linden someone who knows the personalities and will passionately represent all.
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo this rift is not an even splitt eitehr
[11:54] Amanda Linden well, ginette/counter...
[11:54] Amanda Linden i may get you both together sep. and work this thing out.
[11:54] Zacklee Devin puts in his nun outfitt and tryies to look Fair ( aw they'll never fall for it)
[11:54] Ginette Pinazzo as it satnbds now, ZE is a very highlya ctive and dynamic group
[11:54] Amanda Linden it's holding both of your groups back.
[11:54] Zada Bury I think the most here are associated with someone other ... so ... we got fractions.
[11:54] Amanda Linden seriously.
[11:54] Counter Landfall I agree Amanda
[11:54] Amanda Linden you guys spend more time hating on each other than discussing real issues.
[11:54] Counter Landfall I am game to have a discussion how to sort this out
[11:54] Amanda Linden sorry to call you on teh mat.
[11:54] Couldbe I'm a faction of 1 because I pretty well detest you all but I wouldn't want to do it
[11:54] Amanda Linden but, that's hwat i'm here for
[11:55] Counter Landfall but a group like that should have 3 owners
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo I actually disagree Amanda...we get a lot done typically....texcpet at these meetings..haha
[11:55] Amanda Linden ha couldbe. :)
[11:55] Counter Landfall so it cannot be easily hijacked
[11:55] Amanda Linden well, then you're losing out on teh opportunity to have LL help.
[11:55] Amanda Linden if these meetings aren't productive, then we can stop having them.
[11:55] Amanda Linden i'm serious
[11:55] Amanda Linden either we work together or we end htem.
[11:55] Zada Bury Mmmm ... well .. a "team" as group-owner would be better, also for the case of a needed backup.
[11:56] Amanda Linden i agree zada.
[11:56] Couldbe amanda - time is running short and i have a couple of quick questions that I'd like to ask
[11:56] Amanda Linden ok, couldbe.
[11:56] Janicka Engineer I tghout that we are adult people on adult land :-/
[11:57] Amanda Linden actually, couldbe--can you email me sep or save it for the next meeting?>
[11:57] Couldbe the first one - do you know if they've been tinkering with gsa6 search again - particularly for adult?
[11:57] Amanda Linden i really want to get agreement that we're all on the same team and will work together.
[11:57] Amanda Linden or,would people rather not have these meetings.
[11:57] Janicka Engineer I will hope
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo I have been trying tpo gather cooperation with ZA from day one......they have alwssy resisted...will they change tuen now?
[11:58] Amanda Linden ok, here's this...
[11:58] Couldbe if you'd stop playing games and trying to manipulate situations to your advantage you might find people are more receptive ginette.
[11:58] Counter Landfall we need the meetings Aamnda, but as to my memo, I believe there are issues between LL and this community tat has been stuck under the carpet for too long
[11:58] Huntress Catteneo the perception of a lot getting done is slightly flawed, many do not take part due to the clashes, so it is not a good cross section opf people
[11:58] Amanda Linden if you want to work int he spirit of partnership and community then say yes. if not say no. i want everyone to respond. slap me some yes or no's.
[11:58] Counter Landfall and that we need to discuss, rahter than hear the details of zexpo every meeting
[11:58] Amanda Linden yes
[11:58] Amanda Linden come on.
[11:58] Huntress Catteneo yes
[11:58] Janicka Engineer ok I propose one thhing
[11:58] Amanda Linden yes or no. it's a leap of faith. what you believe...
[11:59] Janicka Engineer create new group
[11:59] Janicka Engineer for all
[11:59] Liisa Runo yes
[11:59] Gothica Actor *not with in the group, so I will pass*
[11:59] Zada Bury "ACUG"
[11:59] Ginette Pinazzo yes for what, Amanda? to cooperate? of course yes
[11:59] Janicka Engineer with some neutral owner
[11:59] Couldbe a new events group sounds good to me
[11:59] Zacklee Devin was just here for comic relif
[11:59] Amanda Linden i lke that idea too.
[11:59] Counter Landfall KJanicka anyone can create a group
[11:59] Amanda Linden a new group--a new start.
[11:59] Zacklee Devin did i miss my cue?
[11:59] Qie Amanda, to the new group: yes.
[11:59] Hypatia Meili yes
[11:59] Counter Landfall Amanda just said she will not run a community group, yes?
[11:59] Zacklee Devin I am trying to rent out an extra room so i put an add in the paper and this girl came to look she like it and asked what I WAS asking for the room, so i told her one sixty nine a week. I think she miss understood me or something she tried to give me money...( pause for laughter)
[12:00] Amanda Linden zacklee..thanks for comic relief.
[12:00] Hypatia Meili why just co-opt blodins , chang whats needed
[12:00] Amanda Linden ok, here's an option....
[12:00] Zada Bury We have the zindra allaicne ... but that isn't a group for everyone. the Zexpo-group is a event grou p--- we need a real central zindra-group ... and for adult content
[12:00] Hypatia Meili linden powers
[12:00] Amanda Linden what if we created the adult community board
[12:00] Amanda Linden with leaders from all the different groups.
[12:00] Amanda Linden a neutral space.
[12:01] Counter Landfall Blondin had the same idea
[12:01] Amanda Linden like the UN.
[12:01] Counter Landfall :-))
[12:01] Amanda Linden :)
[12:01] Ginette Pinazzo thats what these meeting were supposed to be originally....
[12:01] Counter Landfall hehe like they agree
[12:01] Hypatia Meili tht zepo grouphas a membership - just revamp it
[12:01] Gothica Actor *sounds interesting*
[12:01] Hypatia Meili zexpo
[12:01] Janicka Engineer I have idea for new name "Adult Zindra People"
[12:01] Amanda Linden ok, let's pick this up where we left off for next week.
[12:01] Janicka Engineer for this group
[12:01] Amanda Linden think this has some legs.
[12:01] Amanda Linden :)
[12:01] Amanda Linden as they say
[12:02] Amanda Linden you guys good with that?
[12:02] Counter Landfall yep
[12:02] Zada Bury Yes, much,
[12:02] Amanda Linden ok, cool. will add this one to agenda.
[12:02] Counter Landfall thx
[12:02] Zada Bury Saves me the line ^.^
[12:02] Amanda Linden glad that most everyone is on board!
[12:02] Amanda Linden thanks all. glad we got some tough stuff out on teh table.
[12:02] Amanda Linden healthy discussion
[12:02] Ginette Pinazzo I woudl liek to know the implicatiosn of switching or adding it may affetc many hundreds of peoepl
[12:03] Amanda Linden let's discuss next week.
[12:03] Innula Zenovka is this primarily a group for Adult Content or for Zindra, this new group?
[12:03] Amanda Linden i'm thinking more about a smaller private group....not a public one.
[12:03] Amanda Linden let's discuss next week since we're out of time....
[12:03] Zada Bury *whispers* appointements ... you see she is boss, becasue she not need to hurry on the leave
[12:03] Qie thanks Amanda.
[12:03] Couldbe Couldbe sighs heavily

[12:03] Innula Zenovka thanks
[12:03] Amanda Linden thanks all.
[12:03] Janicka Engineer thanks amanda
[12:03] Zada Bury Thank you Amanda. Then until the next week.
[12:03] Counter Landfall Zindra is big enough as a community on its own, but there is a wider set of adult content issues
[12:04] Ginette Pinazzo goodbye Amanda
[12:04] Counter Landfall cheers Aamanda
[12:04] Hypatia Meili bye amanda
[12:04] Counter Landfall so adult is not equal with Zindra only